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17 Days Until Next Funding Deadline (1/29/2019)

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By: Chris Hanrahan, Pro-Trump Journalist at large

There are hard realities to face on the other side of this countdown.  It represents an act of good faith on the part of the President to temporarily un-do the effects of the 35-day shutdown that has just ended, which effected many.  This next shutdown will be on Pelosi, if the result is that no deal with the president is made.  

The next funding shutdown will occur on February 15, 2019

In a way, we will continue to see the debate and disagreement instead of solutions-based proposals which incorporate input from the 17 commissioners assigned to the committee to negotiate with the President. These are representatives for United States Citizens as well as all people of the world.  The global-first stage that the alt-left has taken, and which the Speaker of the House has adopted, is one of sheer idiocracy, not democracy.  

I think that most Americans agree there should be an America-first stage set as we approach the 2020 election. And the continuing milestones to sharpen the ability of UN to fund itself, and de-nuclearize North Korea are all good ways to continue our important leadership abroad.  We have a balance of political influence (domestically vs. abroad) and it exists independent of the Blue vs. Red debates.  The United States as a Country has 50 states, who are grappling with the nature of a future “Federal ID Voter Law” and its impact to infringe not enhance the rights of Americans to vote.  These states all have 100% control over their state government functions, which include many things that people care about.

Whether you like it or not, the face of the Federal Government is that of Trump.  We can see how some agencies are changing, some areas of government are strengthening, and some areas are being reduced in force.  These types of changes were certainly unexpected by some, because some people thought the 2016 election would be won by its intended winner, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Much of the Country thought their love for Hillary was shared among more Americans.  In examining who voted, and for whom they cast their ballot, we can either assign responsibility for the way things unfolded to the will and voice of Americans, or we can rely upon the made-up narrative being used by CNN  and other #fakenews channels to this day, that there was collusion w/the Russians to blame for Hillary losing the 2016 election which they rigged for her.



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