Political Ejaculation


Saturday June 27, 2020 Are you waiting to say something using your voice?  Say it!  There is a word called Ejaculation.  It means what you think it means.  To suddenly explode with expression.  So where do you go for your political ejaculations?  It is what […]

Adjusting for Injustice


There is common sense opposition to some of the bills being drafted now, which specifically avoid certain injustices while targeting others.  Throughout the process the Democrats have stonewalled certain reasonable amendments which would have made them better bills.   The nature of legislation in the United […]

EO Regarding Section 230


Let your voice do the speaking, and let your actions tell the rest of the story. Will masked trees be able to convey in a good way, the forum of individuals in each District in the USA, as users continue to compare opinions and combine key impacts, to benefit their communities in a grassroots way? What core impact is being achieved with the coronavirus funds? Specifics and outcomes – that’s what Facebook should pledge the top half of its UI to!

No Melarkey Tour Update


Joe’s Self-named campaign tour is on lockdown like the rest of the world, as rallies for Joe Biden and Donald Trump are anticipated by all who watch those types of things.  The fact that Biden’s denial is now center stage leads to some yet-to-be-foreseen outcomes […]

Mothers Day Approaches


Digital care packages with the #hereforourmoms #hereforourheros hashtag are all over the internet today and the unique burden of not being able to hug mothers on the holiday has been difficult.  Receiving packages and seeing eachother in person can be transmission vectors and a lot […]

Watching Congress Every Day

Bread Crumbs

BREADCRUMBS MAKE BREAD I know some who post 365 days per year on their blog, in detail, and with photos.  Through gathering posts from other blogs is it possible to adequately cover a topic like the US Congress?  I have paid enough attention to the […]