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{ Members of Congress On-Demand } The bearer of this card is a Member in good standing of the Trump Train team, playing an integral role in helping to elect our next President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  The Member is officially recognized as a leader in the movement to Make America Great Again! This card is non-transferrable. Thank you for being a part of the ESP TRIBE EXPERIMENT. The best is yet to come. Members of Congress ||On-Demand|| Something New Is In The Works as Big Potatoes Become Beyond Pertinent and The Bill of Rights is Being Violated in The United States Of America. Listen to the 2021 CPAC Week including speech by President Donald J. Trump on the last day of the Conservative Political Action Committee in Orlando, Florida on Sunday February 28 2021.

Joe vs. Trump

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Joe Biden vs. President Donald Trump

MOC On-Demand

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Who do you think is likely to be the opponent of Donald Trump in 2020?

Is it Joe Biden, former member of the Obama Group, Former Vice President, Former Senator, avid hair-sniffer Sleepy Joe Biden?  The polls are meant to lead our beliefs in a way.

Joe Biden was on CNN Tonight doing a poor imitation of the Godfather, saying that Lindsay Graham is going to regret the choice to investigate him for the rest of his life.

Joe would have to be a fool to believe that his son wasn’t under investigation.

Every place that Joe Biden was a point-man appointed by Obama, the Bidens walked away with millions of Dollars.  For what?  That’s the real Quid Pro Quo.  Lindsey Graham represents the interests of Americans when he makes the lofty claims about Ukranian-Biden links.

Meanwhile there are provably untrue reasons why Biden continues to claim innocence.  And it’s obvious given evidence brought by the GOP that the body of evidence against Donald Trump will in fact be provably untrue in terms of bribery, corruption and Quid Pro Quo, and in the history books Joe Biden instead will be on the hook.  They’ll say, “Quid Pro Joe” lost the election to Donald Trump in 2020, securing the future of America.



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