On this page, a MAP will soon appear:   It will incorporate the following topics of interest by aggregating the ongoing Social Media Campaigns of all Members of Congress, Governors, Treasurers, and Local Politicians, Non Voting Members (US Territories) as well as covering the Social Media accounts of President Trump and his Democrat Party Challengers. Wherever public data can be easily accessed and included in the map, we will facilitate the touchpoint for the user here. MOC On-Demand is not a US Government website, but it is a website by an American who wants to inform the public about the US Government. When Constituents have something to say, they will be able to use MOC On-Demand as a portal for that communication.   A History of Members of Congress (1855-2021): MOC On-Demand will cover the 116th United States Congress. Historical Congresses are one topic which needs to be grasped eventually, but the focus will always be the Current Congress. There will be additional updates to this website before the 117th Congress begins. America will have a voice again through MOC On-Demand.   Initially, visitors will be able to participate beginning in a debate with nested comments. The purpose should be to align the arguments which frame discussions at large. Controversy will make itself obvious – and we will highlight many issues as well as allow users to do the same on our platform. Arguments used by visitors to any website, and expressed in the comments can often incorporate any information about any issue. Some of the comments are often well-established and well-researched. There are voices (if you listen) to back up the arguments being made, and there is data which can be referred to, to describe the issue in greater detail. Some of the issues are of greater cirucumstance than … Continue reading [MAP]