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Member of the Trump Campaign
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The bearer of this card is a member in good standing of the Trump Train team, playing an integral role in helping to elect our next President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The member is officially recognized as a leader in our movement to Make America Great Again!

schiffty schiff
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By: Chris Hanrahan December 1, 2019 The Washington Deep Freeze is setting in and the month of December will be marked by a lot of distractive ad buying, promoting, of all stories other than the impending December 5th disclosure. In fact, the story will have […]

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Joe Biden vs. President Donald Trump

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A Fictional Transcript by Chris in Context

schiffty schiff
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Adam Schiff is a C_A Puppet

schiffty schiff
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  Pelosi & co. refuse to bring their inquiry to a vote because they have no serious interest in searching out truth and… Posted by The White House on Monday, October 21, 2019 By: Chris Hanrahan The White House posted earlier today: Pelosi & co. refuse […]

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By: Chris Hanrahan, Pro-Trump Journalist at large There are hard realities to face on the other side of this countdown.  It represents an act of good faith on the part of the President to temporarily un-do the effects of the 35-day shutdown that has just […]

I first started MOC On-Demand with several (different) goals in mind.  Through developing some things early on, and listening + speaking through 535 MOC-Linked Twitter Accounts, I began to learn something.  Once Covid-19 hit the USA, I knew that the speech of Members of Congress would never be the same.  Several deleted Chwuck Schwoomer Tweets later, and there is a new tone to some members of congress, if you are looking at things in detail.

Roger Bunting – an Algorithm put in place last August which ran through early March.

Kurt Dinger – an Algorithm for the shift in fundamental Twitter usage post-covid-19.

[ //team latest ]

Algorithm-Employee #0 “Roger Bunting”  (on furlough due to the COVID-19 Downturn)…

Algorithm-Employee #1 “Kurt Dinger” planned JULY activities include several new features on MOC-On-Demand, job training to backfill Roger Bunting functions…