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Intentionality behind any issue of discrimination, can be defined on a timeline.  the true motives of people are not a matter of mystery to those closest to them, their community, their family, and those who surround them.  In an era of coronavirus quarantine, what do people in America agree on?  is agreement recorded in history in the form of silence or by positive concurrence of some kind?  If the platforms continue to intervene too much, then in the end it will seem like the well-connected wrote some parts of history (some writing well, and others not), and the arrogant and originally powerful remain powerful over time. 

Many people won’t write it or share it with the world through their own eyes, for fear of the foggy dew.  But the conundrum is only experienced through the movement of money in America’s Coronavirus Economy in 2020 and over the course of time, injustice has very little space to breathe in a Country invigorated by the dangers we now face.  Eradicating the enemy (be it a virus or a terrorist group) is about getting in the position to bring safety and security to any block of America, from coast to coast.  If someone had their knee on your neck, how far would help be, if the call was made?  If you started to experience symptoms of the virus and couldn’t breathe, where would you go for help, and what would happen when you were given help?  It’s a scary time and it’s a serious time to be a duck in a pond.

Positions of Authority have great importance to be sure, but a model for what a “compliant” citizen is, has to STILL be about Individual Authority.  Individual rights.  Individual ideas, with their potential not being limited by anyone other than those who are speaking them.  Solidarity where there has in the past been confusion.  Clarity in the face of what looks like a blurred “what is that thing” and that type of thing. 

Let’s go back to the moments in time when each of the hot-button issues has been addressed by the media (and in your social media network posts of the past, too) over the course of the last 4 years. 

Inevitably everyone understands this history differently, and things that used to be the topic of argument have now stretched beyond 200 miles in length.  The argument on anything political is about allowing the first inch.  the next 1000 or 1000 miles take care of themselves, if only the first inch is allowed.  As Nancy Pelosi continues to hold her ground, she knows what will happen next is going to be a surprise.  She knows that if the Democrats (her friend Joe Biden) win, then all of the promises to right the wrongs they feel Trump has done.  Have you noticed the strong hand gestures when she uses that term, “The American People”, she thinks she is referring to a list of people who vote. The strong gesture and the sounds American People that come out of her unmasked face hole, are not referring to some people as equally as others.  One of her many problems is she never leads by example because she isn’t an example of a politician trying to save the world.  If she is, then she seems to only be the type that is trying to save it her way.  A partisan hack by any measure, Nancy Pelosi isn’t an effective leader by my measure.  Some who vote blue see her as the strong and inspiring symbol (and they make a Nancy Pelosi handmove).  And that’s fine.

Hillary Clinton made some absolutely ridiculous tweets today, explaining how she feels about Trump and Trump Supporters.  Wake up, HRC, you’re wrong in a lot of ways.

Lots of politicians are aligned in new ways to make sure Trump is not re-elected in 2020.  The polls are one topic – does anyone believe them in 2020, and did they really believe them in 2016?  I know many who have offered their opinions on polls, but few of those people are actually conducting polls of their own.

The truth is, polls only tell half the story.  Some of the people who are on the list of people who vote are already committed to do whatever it takes to remove Donald Trump from office.  The polls even show that Melarkey Joe is in the lead??? How it can be true, I may never know.  But America also remembers that the polls were showing Hillary Rodham Clinton (another treasonous Democrat) ahead of Donald Trump in the polls in ’16.

Note how some of her party line has had to shift.  In some positive ways, it has shifted to something The American People may have a chance of agreeing with.  Significantly, Nancy at least is becoming more moderate in the short-term and in the run-up to the election later this year.  And it’s about diplomacy.  Which is one thing she can still do!  She really has no other options left, as Donald Trump continues to take necessary actions to save America from itself on a nightly basis. 

The Executive Branch has set plans into motion to combat the coronavirus that will not cease until the virus ceases.  And “Made in America” will have a lot more to it than in industrial booms of the past.  As coronavirus economies of scale happen in both positive and very negative ways (it all depends on the whims of the opportunists that are connected to you, sometimes) and the conditions and speed of your success will take any number of lines.  Nancy Pelosi and other inneffective and treasonous politicians in general, can’t lead with any protection from scrutiny. 

So what I have to say and what the American People have to say may differ.  And I am an American who wants all people to have the chance at the American Dream.  The President’s stance when he takes the immigration direction that “anyone” can come to America if they do it legally – makes sense.  And that is still the policy.  And in the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, our systems are getting ready to start to make the immigration and naturalization process easier and better for all.  It’s Earth 2020, and we have one chance at these 365 earthspins. 

What type of things are you contributing as solutions?

Where are your leaders leading you?  What is the point behind using our voice if all we do is say nothing?  Oh the power of “golden silence” but also, embrace and anticipate the “golden” moments that will come and “silence” is how your opponents respond.  Inevitably in any endeavor there will be some amount of cooperation and some level of emotion.  In the past when political leaders have acted (and stuck to their guns) arguments designed to move the needle on public opinion have done so.  However something else sometimes happens, when persuasion is the goal being sought.  Sometimes persuasion is best done through silent means, and sometimes there is a louder message to share, in order to encourage elected officials to be stronger leaders.

How are Americans managing their Members of Congress?

Have you considered the volume of calls, emails, posts, tweets, and other correspondence that has to make its way through the 20,000 Congressional Assistants that are currently on staff with the Members of Congress?  These individuals are about and have always been about being the bridge between the constituents on the ground in each District (around 700,000+) and the Elected Official in Office.  The US House of Representatives is a legislative body designed for the United States in this way.  And through the use of assistants, chiefs of staff, and especially technology specialists there is productivity gained by each Member of Congress through building an effective leadership team and executing on behalf of their ~700,000 constituents or so.

The suite of websites, accounts, tools, etc, that each Member of Congress (US Senator or US House Representative) has is somewhat of a unique mix.  Some of the Member of Congress websites even have chosen NON-USA web hosting for their websites.  Regardless of whether these are campaign sites, or a constituent-facing sites, the question is evidently “why does the web traffic has to leave the USA to reach a constituent” regardless…

Over time as changes are necessitated in order to “prevent foreign and domestic election interference” some of those hosting plans might be changed.  Who knows.  We will see!


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