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E Pluribus Unum: The Rules Have Changed


September 10, 2019

Congress is back from its 6-week long recess, and we are still tabulating the responses (think, the summer vacation homework) that has come in the form of all types of excel spreadsheets in the Congressional Offices of all 535 Members of the 116th US Congress.

Right now, Congress is in the custody of a yet-unknown number of United States Citizens and there are things on the horizon which many simply have not anticipated.  Everything we hear (and especially the things we choose to repeat) revolve around questions of personal liberty, and the fact of the matter is, there are people who care and people who don’t.

Now we will get to see what the 116th United States Congress does next.

Americans everywhere are asking, why don’t Liberals want to clean up America?  We have a climate change debate (not a global warming one anymore) and we have a bunch of complaining socialists saying they’re the answer.  The vocabulary they’ve adopted won’t get them over the 2020 finish line!  E Pluribus Unum, The Rules Have Changed!

CNN is in well into its 2020 throws of death as it goes through an increasingly public credibility crisis.  So, are you having any 🍿 yet?



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October 1st 2019 – FY2020 begins

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