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Adam Schiff is a C_A Puppet
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A photo of Adam Schiff taken way before he lied about what President Trump said on the Ukraine telephone call.

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It’s sad to watch the Democrats through a lens of hopelessness like I do.  However the days when I would consider voting for a Democrat are gone, and though I will continue to acknowledge and accept these individuals as people and as legitimate politicians, I have long looked forward to a more Republican led Congress.  When FISA is declassified on December 9, 2019, there will be calls for accountability in the US Congress.  Elements of the DNC have to be held accountable as does HRC, and several of the candidates campaigning who will find themselves too boxed-in by scandal and the US Justice System.  To me, there is more scandal afoot than the public can possibly understand or consume.  Wow!

We have entered the season when there will be updates about the election waiting for Americans at their TV’s come 6 PM, when traditional family values dictate that the family would be repeating a scene from the 1970’s, and watching the latest news unfolding around the television screen.

But it ain’t a 1970’s election.  Next year’s election is going to be a very monumental challenge if we don’t get going fast on ideas like Federal Voter ID and a renewed call for accountability from counties such as Broward County, FL.

Corruption runs deep, and it also runs over time.  Some of the things the left claims to care about (out loud, and often as acts of defiance) are matters where, for one reason or another, their set of bulverist views prevents the further development of a solution.  So the corruption that is being called to end, is manifest in many different ways.  We are always speaking of the PAST when speaking in terms of “corruption” though.  The Democrats would be wise to not forget that.

WTC7 contained tenants such as the CIA – and indeed there has been an effort by the media to decrease the awareness shared by the public.
In fact, even if parts of the public really are aware of the dire and bleak facts, their true nature will only be understood if their first intention (to block out excessively bad information from their consideration) is ignored and an investigative (or curious, or scrutinizing) lens is put to the problems with the official story/explanation (“spontaneous collapse”) of the 47-story building on 9-11-2001.

A certain level of public disclosure would be so harmful to the prevailing public opinion.
Part of the role of any US Congress has always been to ensure the legitimacy of the Body.
Freeing it from corruption – candidates will all talk about it – what does that look like?
What does Trump have to do with Corruption. Is he the Source of Corruption? (NO) Is he the Enemy of Corruption? (YES)
That’s what I think, anyways.

If we #followthemoney it will not trace back to a very hopeful story.
Not a justification for no disclosure, but a reality check and a sliding scale.

Another Thing:

Jet Fuel Can’t melt Steel Beams – prove me wrong.
The “pancake theory” was readily accepted but is not correct or scientifically defensible.




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