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Potato Types = New Potato, Eyed Potato, Old Potato, Hot Potato, Big Potato, Small Potato

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Step 2: Decide what you want to share on the Potato Network.

Step 3: The Potato Network will be a new way for constituents to publicly comment on Members of Congress, including candidates and incumbents.

Step 4: A Map will include posts you share with the world.  Members of Congress can decide what to share on the Potato Network.  No 2 MOC’s are the same, and there is no official job description for a US Member of Congress.  But through carefully collaborating it is possible that what we will build here will be invaluable to all who use9 it.

Step 5: Each user can create up to 12) PUBLIC and a PRIVATE group of potatoes.  These can include an ISSUE-CENTRIC, COLLEAGUE-CENTRIC, REPRESENTATIVE-CENTRIC or any other group of posts.  You select the categories you want to share.  This feature will create a storyline for each user, similar to the Instagram Stories Feature.

Step 6: Based on the time of day and other factors, when you open the app or view the webpage you will see a subset of the PUBLIC POTATOES that are available to you.  You can collect and group these potatoes independently from the original poster, by using the provided action buttons.

Step 7: Once you have recorded activity on the Potato Network it stays there until you modify or delete it.  You can change your displayed BIOGRAPHY info as many times as you want and previous contents are always kept in a PRIVATE USER HISTORY which can be used to re-use and refer to previous BIOGRAPHY information.

Step 8: Bringing posts in from another network:  We are currently working with other solutions on the task of importing your existing social media in a modular and relaxed way.  The existing TOS of these companies gives User Rights that have only recently been secured by law in the US Congress.  Every User on Every US-Hosted Platform now has the right to request all of their data.  However in cases such as Google where a user export can be very large, there is often a failure observed for a total export (“give me my data”) to be performed.  The notification for a “partial success” looks like this:     “We could not export all of your data”.  The suite of around 100 Google Products failed 30/100 times to export such information in my case.    Explain why more can’t be done to normalize the way that data is stored and retrieved in this way….   Structural changes needed at LARGE companies such as this.  Forethought needed at SMALL companies too.

Step 9: The MAP and its functions will be brought online in the coming months and are being planned around a concept already in place.  To provide a new technology portal for Congress in 2020.