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Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Media Availability (11.20.2020)


This upcoming Thanksgiving, Jay Inslee does not want Washington to lose progress made during the Pandemic and announced several measures that are in place to limit the transmission of the Birus.  Towards the end of this news conference, Jay said that ideally people would also “do their own contact tracing”.  How is that supposed to work, Jay?  We are all baring with Jay as he continues what he has branded, a Stalwart Approach.

Other details worth mentioning during today’s broadcast pertained to economic futures in WA.  Jay’s plans are full of terms like “scientific certainty” and the public has yet to understand what the body of research on High Risk Activities means, so Jay Inslee spent part of his time discussing “research from Google showing who people who are positive for Covid go out to restaurants twice as much”.  Of the outbreaks in WA that Jay Inslee has been able to track (which is a feat), over 50% to date have been restaurants.  An outbreak is defined as 1 or more cases linked to a business or LLC.  According to the definitions that are used, a person can be involved in an outbreak alone, or can be linked to an unlimited number of cases depending on the transmission/spread event.


Novel CoronaVirus [Birus] Update for 11.20.2020