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Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Media Availability (11.30.2020)


In the form of an Advisory Committee Endorsed App called WA Notify, a free, safe, private, effective and Markedly Inslean approach is being rammed down the throats of Washingtonians as Contact Tracing enters the realm of an App created by University of Washington researchers. Voluntary to try, the app is just the latest iteration of the local attempt in WA to conduct Case and Contact Investigations.

After being installed, the WA Notify App works by monitoring surrounding bluetooth radio waves and communicating with other volunteer-installed WA Notify Apps. The bluetooth-powered data exchange that takes place when a suspected exposure between users of WA Notify App Phones occurs is simple. It is designed to incorporate no exchange of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and works to serve as an early notification system. In theory, once the Positive Test is entered into an alerting user’s profile on WA Notify, downstream notifications are triggered for all probable contacts during the time period of concern. It is unclear what the mechanism looks like up-close, though experts are sure to demonstrate it in a “testing” scenario for us up close in a future Media Availability such as this.

Jay Inslee’s continual reference about keeping the “soon to be former president” out of the process of the COVID Pandemic has been misguided and is deserving of rebuke. He is building Washington State’s toolbox in way likely to conform to the policy musings of a Malarkian candidate who plans to re-do and un-do some of what is already on the table. While the WA Notify tool will serve some as “a nice complement to help us do our work”, according to John Weisman, there are timely questions being asked about the methodologies used for ANYTHING planned or executed by the Democrats. For the foreseeable future there are going to be critiques LAID OUT IN PLAIN ENGLISH about the acts of the Democrats when it comes to VIRTUALLY EVERY TOPIC. This is especially true for Stalwart Jay Inslee, who quietly continued on his partisan path from the earliest stages of this King-County-Linked Pandemic. Washington Snake Jay Inslee has failed to prove he is an Effective Leader.

Stalwart Washingtonians have all sorts of questions about “how is this going to work” and seem to be getting stalwart answers by Washington State leaders in return. Local public health experts have pointed to the need for Primary Doctors to be the ones giving the vaccination. For December, the equitable “prioritization” (as said with a very flamboyant tongue, and as promised by John Weisman, Secretary of the WA Department of Health) will be at the forefront of the efforts brought to the table

The latest scientific advances involve 2-dose vaccines which use messenger RNA technology (mRNA) to create an immune system response and establish immunity. Establishing immunity (efficacy) has not been proven over a long term, and it is assumed that a yearly 2-dose vaccine will be required for ongoing immunity. Safety of the vaccine can only be measured over time and the “fake stories” concerning side effects will be the subject of “fact checking” during the upcoming vaccination-centric news cycles of December-January 2021.