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4-28-2020 Breaking News Story

In a fictional chapter of the upcoming book entitled “4 Years in the Crosshairs”, author Chris Hanrahan hears President Donald Trump say “I’m going to ask CongressAnon to say a few words” before taking a coronavirus distance worth of steps away from the podium, and joining as the rest of the world steps back and watches what happens next.  It was a common scene to those who quickly tuned into and out of the events of the White House from a distance but for the main characters in this particular fictional chapter, and for the fictional internet users in a world where a new map appears on MOCONDEMAND.COM/MAP, the suspense alone was enough to provide an ample podium for the statements that were about to be made.

Knowing full well what he was doing, and that this line, which asked for “a few words”, had to be included within the pages of the yet-to-be printed book entitled “4 Years in the Crosshairs by Chris Hanrahan”, represented a confrontation of the official narrative.  It begins with a chapter one – the smallest breaking news endorsement story, wherein Hillary said “I’m with him” and wherein the allegations of misconduct with Tara Reid were with someone other than the Hollywood Blonde who shares the same name.  

What would be the remarks of “CongressAnon” after an introduction such as that, especially at that juncture?  A few words?  I don’t think Chris knows what “a few words” even means.  Days and nights had been spent looking over lists of words, and word counts used over select intervals by all members of State and Federal Government.  A Twitter Watching Tool had been part of the plot to detect and cover the news in an accurate and level-headed way.  To point out areas of conflict and disagreement had been the genre for a while, but with the added strain of Trauma/Conflict/Destruction by the Coronavirus in 2020, there had been a marked increase in powerful and generous leaders doing powerful and generous things for their constituents.  The leader of WA-01, Representative Suzan DelBene, had been trying to alleviate the concerns of the increasing number of people who were coming to terms with their new normal, which seemed to tumult day-to-day around the requirements of the past.  Interpreting anyone’s actions in the rearview mirror (why were we led down this path locally, which took us more than 90 days to “return to normal”) and what level of preparedness should we have had to begin with?  What real measures of preparedness can be witnessed on the ground in WA-01 today?

Which words could appropriately be chosen to express a message, while still remaining within the constraints that were presented, after a most high complement?  There were always the words “I’m going to ask CongressAnon to say a few words”.  The room was already roaring with complicated energy as the introduction was read.  All of the other stuff had taken too much thought to be considered as part of the speech that was to be delivered.  The words were glowing before the podium, teleprompting the speakers with prepared remarks.  They had allowed a sparse audience to convene and there were unanswered questions being asked from wall-to-wall. A few words by CongressAnon were needed based on popular request, and given the unnamed topic of the meeting, it was understandable why that was the case.  So 3 minutes, or 5, or more were allotted, and the introduction by the President of the United States prompted an amount of words exactly 1,001 which indeed did take between 3 and 5 minutes.  As few words as they were, they represented the beginning of something bigger than what had just ended. Beyond the walls of the grand room was the sunlight of day, where the rest of the world was mingling and discussing the recent revelations: “Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden”.  Would a timely endorsement be, “CongressAnon endorses Donald J. Trump”?  I think so.  The few words had to include those words, to be worthwhile.

April 28 2020 had come with its share of new surprises.  The inevitability of the swamp endorsing the swamp, was not a remarkable happening.  But in real time, HRC supporters everywhere were feverishly asking “what do can we do to help”?  A big endorsement, it was not.  It was instead just the endorsement of a woman whose every chance to win was taken, and who tried her best to win… who narrowly lost in 2016.  As a confused business owner stumbles back to his office to find that the login screens are mirrored, showing an upside down WINDOWS 7 on the compromised private PC of the DNC HQ….  UH OH!!!!

Lists shared with the Democrats may be subtracted from open-sourced lists of the public in order to sway public opinion in the direction of the extreme alt-left.  A very different reality was afoot at the RNC, where combined efforts of the Republican Party were making up for the lost time of stories which were still being undersold by the greater Mainstream Media, including the channels you pay for and those you never would.  Over time, exposure to certain messages is dictated by just what lists you find yourselves on.  In practice, the state of Voter Data was anything but personal.  In 2019, in King County WA, neighbors everywhere got the first name and last initial of their neighbors along with the inclusion of (faulty) data about their past voting record.  

The emotional cost incurred with each receipt of these messages was noteworthy.  Local laws which often rely on overall adherence to “civil rights” for all, allow just enough propaganda through the front door that it normalizes the flawed messages and plans for the heavily misguided State of Washington.  For instance, in the important area of Healthcare, voters were asked to consider funding a local healthcare levy, branded EVERGREEN HOSPITAL.  Similar levies in the area of EDUCATION have also been floated on the same ballots.  Many voters have their alliances built in the right ways, that make sense for their families.  On the ballot and around the kitchen table, Education and Healthcare have been areas of great concern for families in Western Washington.  Current and future developments in K-12 are to include Google-Classroom-powered remote learning, and other facilities.  Tools which build a layer of defensibility to the public, and make remote learning safe and effective are easy to sell, and the timelines of competitors must be respected with clear eyes.  To shine a light on the effectiveness of a particular solution is to partially endorse that platform or tool as being “good”.


But in an age of Be Best, strong platform wins are still possible.  The unsuspecting Facebook Platform competitor does not have to be as prepared as he/she thinks they have to be.  Instead, confidence in purpose can be built around the prior attempts at relevancy and telling a story, that any WordPress Blog holds.

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In the wake of Hillary’s loss, she exposed a lie to the world “The Russians Must have helped Donald Trump Win” which does not hold up to the scrutiny of a right-side-up world where facts matter.  The facts about the Trump Campaign were, no collusion ever happened between Russia and Members of the Trump Campaign.  Conversely, an upside-down burned-in image now exists in the public mind and the reality is theory ends up on its head, when a complete 180 spin made the true facts apparent to the public.


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