June 8, 2023


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Flu and Coronavirus

The time to defend your bubble and kill the birus using UV-C is NOW.


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Logic and Principles that apply to the TWINDEMIC that is now upon us are up for debate.  There are some things that you have to experience for yourself and one of them is FLURONA.  That is what some people are calling it at least.  The positive effects of wearing a UV-C light that shines from the face of anyone infected with Coronavirus will be more than the protection offered by a mask.  The air can circulate once decontaminated by the UV-C, without any trace of the virus remaining to circulate through the room.  UV-C is not recommended for direct use on the skin or other human tissue surface.  However, when applied to most surfaces or to the air, the technology can destroy COVID-19 and Influenza.



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