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Adjusting for Injustice

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There is common sense opposition to some of the bills being drafted now, which specifically avoid certain injustices while targeting others.  Throughout the process the Democrats have stonewalled certain reasonable amendments which would have made them better bills.   The nature of legislation in the United States is lopsided and come November 3 2020 it will be more uniform in its majority.

The feeling of being 4 years in the crosshairs has its basis in verified history, where Hillary Clinton put together fake intel to get a DOJ investigation started.

So what did it amount to, in one Spying on a Journalist?  Over the long term, isn’t that what I have proven to be?  Adjusting for Injustice is about the consequences of spying on American Citizens associated with the Donald Trump for President 2016 Campaign.  The sparkle is given to the story over time, as the facts (the history) enrich the unsupported plot they hatched.  Will the information provided by the FISA court be kept under seal over the long term?  80% yes.  All other material, which will be illustrated for the public good, will be large in volume.  To recognize the crimes that did occur, there will need to be a big explanation of exactly what was being looked at. In times of “cancelling the other narrative out” or at least overpowering it the job now is not one of retribution for what happened, but making sure it doesn’t happen again.

A.G. Bill Barr is going to get to the truth and then once he finds it, he will be delivering it to the public.  This truth will be in front of the American people and will coincide with an INTERNET PUBERTY OF 2020 which will eventually unfuck it.

Buckle up and watch as witnesses become sworn in to remote hearings via video feed, while Jerry Nadler wears a mask and continues to search for the answers as Chair.  The power given to him as Chair might sound to you like goobldygook but there is great consequence behind what he stands for.



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