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EO Regarding Section 230

Let your voice do the speaking, and let your actions tell the rest of the story. Will masked trees be able to convey in a good way, the forum of individuals in each District in the USA, as users continue to compare opinions and combine key impacts, to benefit their communities in a grassroots way? What core impact is being achieved with the coronavirus funds? Specifics and outcomes - that's what Facebook should pledge the top half of its UI to!

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Well, the bulverists don’t know it yet but their first line of defense has been completely demolished.  Think of it as the un-doing of what that scoundrel, Barack Obama did when he was staging his renegade acts.  Think of it as a case of there being more of the story yet to tell.

Think of it as a check on the powers that be – which have successfully censored online voices for too long.  Blame anyone you want for the way things are today and use your actions to do the rest of the speaking. The outside political line is that the speaking of any of the leaders (it is their responsibility and obligation to lead after all, need to not be censored or need not aquire an undeserving asterisk, or even a badge for free.  The litmus test for action on the part of the Social Media platforms will be yet to come, because the actions (things Zuckerberg should change about his platform) are stacking up by my count, and I thought he was going to add a “native dual screen” feature to the facebook app weeks ago.  I thought he had said, clearly in English, that he was going to devote the top half of his UI to it too!  But I haven’t seen that yet.  I am not talking about an alert you can dismiss.  I’m talking about letting people impact the state of their communities using some CDC tools in the upper region of your UI!  As this is a check on the powers that be, let’s see some emphasis added to the prior commitments on which Facebook has already failed.


Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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