m o c o n d e m a n d

{ Members of Congress On-Demand } The bearer of this card is a Member in good standing of the Trump Train team, playing an integral role in helping to elect our next President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  The Member is officially recognized as a leader in the movement to Make America Great Again! This card is non-transferrable. Thank you for being a part of the ESP TRIBE EXPERIMENT. The best is yet to come. Members of Congress ||On-Demand|| Something New Is In The Works as Big Potatoes Become Beyond Pertinent and The Bill of Rights is Being Violated in The United States Of America. Listen to the 2021 CPAC Week including speech by President Donald J. Trump on the last day of the Conservative Political Action Committee in Orlando, Florida on Sunday February 28 2021.

Time to Decide, America

Rigged US Election

a Permissioned Blockchain would be great, made by the DHS

Can they pull it off? Meanwhile, Bitcoin should re-test its 14,000 levels next, due to an unexpected or unanticipated adverse #eo13848 report.— Chris Hanrahan 🇺🇸 (@wsuchris) December 16, 2020



Executive Order 13848

Dominion Voting Systems




Closing the Democratic Gap is about Information and the Facts aren’t slowing down…

as a result some people get a larger dose of reality than others

Some are loyal to the Democrat Party and others express a different agenda…
The Country always veers left unless we start to bring real left-leaning policies what they are – as much overreach as legally allowable, plus whatever public partnership can be negotiated.

The difference between the two messages is made clearer when considering this line of text, which can be searched for on google.com or any search engine: “Do you think nobody is paying attention to the drops?”

you will find you have accidentally stumbled upon some qanon material. shield your eyes if you believe some of what you have heard about qanon….???? the media has always had a hard time communicating about the topic, and Congress has even made an attempt to condemn qanon in a bill. Wqw.


Errors due to the remnants of censorship still active today…?
91.1% say malarkey detected so far…
No American Flag was offered, I gave the “why not” feedback, so they removed them all. #nomoreemojis
Positive policies of Trump
#AmericaFirst #ChristmasPhotos
millennial malarkey detected

there is a “problem” at some Universities. Thanks to Secretary Pompeo for highlighting this issue at his speech at Georgia Tech. The University of Washington was one of the potential law breakers mentioned in his speech, which did not go into full detail.

The security of our elections is mentioned in these reports:


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