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DJT Tweets (on Election Fraud)

DJT has vowed to combat election interference by social media companies

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Stand Down

The truth is: it is a tall order to start something and then finish it to the approval of all of your critics.
They will say this and they will write that, about what congressanon should do.  In an era of Coronavirus, there are statements being made about what real people like Joe Biden are to do next, and I can't say as I blame him for staying undercover and safe at home all this time.  

Isn't that what the Federal Government has rightly guided us all to do?  As someone who respects all life (even the unborn; even the unfortunate manic-malarken), the reality still remains, it is up to everyone to take the set of precautions available to them, and when readily possible, to add precautions (not lax them) as time goes on.

The fictional people who hypothetically could care and speak publicly or privately about what [x] should do about [y] have some problems probably unnoticed and unaddressed within the actions they themselves are taking on a daily basis.  Unless you are a contact tracer (of which the means and the ends are VERY SKETCHY) at the present time, but are at least hopefully SOME level of effective in the face of the present challenge), all effected (and that means all of us) have some ideas about what effective outcomes are.  

The truth of any story is, there is probably another side.  So as the Biden Campaign continues (and it might be an August Kamala-Biden, or it might be a July bail HRC out of jail Hail Mary run). 

As approval for the Joe Biden No Malarkey Tour is sought and gained among peers, we see that there are lessons being learned silently by those around us.  Why did he say that, what does it mean about his ability to lead the Country, etc.  However through changes in the campaign's outcomes, and especially through modifying the way that he talks about and approaches problems (the DNC coaching that is already underway), the graduation in merits can be observed more publicly than ever, and can be honored more readily than in the past.  They will say #StillBiden in August and they will say #KamalaAintWhite in a hashtag and loudly use their post-230 rights to say what they want.  And you all will have the best seat in the house.

In the past, which was the "pre-coronavirus" times when the only people talking about the threat were there because of the $35,000,000 Grant by the Obama Administration, to the lab in Wuhan, China.  At least that's what I have heard.  I don't see why it wouldn't be true.  There are many who have set out to really detect the corruption that Trump was alleged to be a part of (prior to totally vindicated by the vote of the US Congress however) but as the Democrats brought their malarkey out of Schiff's SCIF the real evidence seemed to implicate and involve the ex-politician who was thinking of running and winning against President Donald Trump, and so a shaky and sketchy discussion amongst the Democrats decided that in the midst of it all they would say that a storm had been started because of the continual rule of the Executive Branch.  

Chuck Schumer should be ashamed of himself for the rest of his days if not at least for his remarks on that windy day, when he said Trump you won't know what hit you, and stood on the steps and yelled at the top of his lungs about what was on his mind that day.  What is the Democrat party truly doing now?  What is and has always been their bread and butter?  As always, that is a topic that is left to someone other than me to analyze and speak about.  With the click of a button I can tell you this, and add that, and just move on having said that.  So having said that, there you have it.
-Chris Hanrahan

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