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Wash Your Hands

  • The CDC Keeps Saying Wash Your Hands

    Inside of the Debit Card Hole the CDC’s advice is all of the sudden necessary. The virus lives on the card until it has degraded and isn’t harmful to the body. This takes up to 9 days depending on the surface. For the next 9 days my wallet is in quarantine wrapped up in a NASA sweatshirt. At this time I will research the question of, is the USA destroying cash. A binary choice, choosing 2020 to destroy our cash might be a great move.

  • Another Word on Fact Checkers

    Fact Checkers are in uncharted waters as it pertains to limiting the reach of some important coronavirus related posts on Facebook. I am watching a fluid scenario where some posts are being expunged and others are being made mainstream. Reading the article of a stranger, on a topic that hits so close to home is a Novel and interesting step towards being more informed. I hope you learned something about the Coronavirus which (as is currently known) kills 1 in 20 that it infects.

  • Pay Attention to Local News Updates

    Many in my area are still under-informed, as King County and Snohomish County are the epicenters of this COVID-19 outbreak in America. As patients are still healthy enough to post on social media, there are horror stories being told 24/7 now about the destructive course of some patients (brain infection with covid-19, etc.) It is extremely distressing stuff to learn about.

    Tune-in to AM KOMO 1000 for good information throughout the day if you still have a non-car radio.

  • Don’t touch ‘germy’ surfaces. A breakout occurs at a time when people aren’t being careful.

    Airlines and zoos are considering closing. School Districts are Closing. There is a shortage of trained professionals to apply ventilators to the existing pool of infected patients. As transmission continues there will likely be more impact than the region (I feel) is suited to address. You should be concerned with exposure to surfaces. At the check-out lane, I could have been a little more precautious. I have had that on my mind all day. I did take 2 wipes to try to cleanse but I am under no (false) impression that my Grocery Store is a clean store anymore.

  • An Attempted Transaction at what I am calling “the Epicenter”

    Since I used it for an attempted transaction here at the epicenter, would it be irresponsible to stick it in another hole? To me it’s a yes, and I’m 99.2 percent sure that I also wiped the card off after taking it out of the machine. If only the self check-out would have been just a little more contactless, my apple watch would have been a good payment solution. A technology available at a low cost because of the labors of China. As we sunrise into a new era of cooperation between China and the USA, and as the trade deal whips into action, watch the comeback that we are capable of.
    The Epicenter is a grocery store I am referring to in a grandiose fashion for emphasis. It is not actually a currently known epicenter, but the payment systems are so 2015.

  • Inform the CDC about things

    Write your own social media post, or compose a blog post to get started informing the public as your reach may be larger than you thought, and one factor in this is INFORMATION. I want people to feel they have enough information to prepare for this virus and I am under the impression that we don’t know the full picture yet. There has been an interruption in updated Fatality Numbers in Seattle because the situation is getting out of control on the ground, fast. That is my assessment anyways.

  • Think about the impact to the cycle of Big Business

    How will companies like Amazon react when taxation drives them out of the area, and the damage they did before is permanent? In areas all around Seattle, companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft and more have sent employees home. Small firms have to decide on a policy and often have increased agility without the talkback of a larger Enterprise, which in some cases does not gracefully go into pandemic mode when trying to secure their most essential Lines of Business.

    Big business will exercise its right to a cycle, and a downsizing in some Lines of Business will be a welcome change. It is time for Amazon to Refocus. Is Schultz still serving coffee or is he running for President? It is never too late (or early) to announce intentions to run for any office, and there is still an 8 month wait until the election is here.

  • Do you notice the Truth getting out more?

    Censorship can only go so far. Whereas a post that I make on Facebook may be completely censored without my permission, there is just a little more involved with censoring me on here. I try to be as respectful as possible and I try to stick to what I know to be the truth. I swear and attest that the details in this article which are meant to be alarming are true illustrations of the situation on the ground where everyone seems to be infighting about whether this is about to be a big breakout or not. Over time [the world] will notice the truth getting out more about this coronavirus. Information is being censored in some cases, but over time the correct information (no matter how badly mislabeled, etc) gets through and bubbles to the top. We act on THIS type of information. We act on the truth. America can’t afford to hide the nature of the current spread of the coronavirus as it is known to be severe in some cases and as the area’s hospitals seem to already be extremely overloaded. The truth about coronavirus – – – which part are we wanting to discuss? Facts matter and words go into a timeline either ahead of the story or behind the story. As the CDC uses its scientific methodology to monitor whether vectors like air travel need to be shut down for a time, I can only imagine the mechanics of the decisions being made at the upper levels. Our Healthcare System Can’t Afford the Setback a Nationwide Occurrence Would Bring.

  • Keep in mind the older generation

    Grandparents are precious and with time they are taken away. Please do everything you can possibly to do protect those with underlying health conditions or who have reached old age. The same precautions apply. When washing your hands think of your grandma. Give your hands a nice 30 second scrub after touching a suspect surface (a public one, or one of your own) and then eat with clean hands. Don’t breathe the sneezes or coughs of the infected. No matter how you slice the latest developments, the facts around the clear and present danger of the spread of COVID-19 don’t change. What if I took my debit card all around the Country?

  • Exercise and Vitamins

    Amazon will continue to provide me with Vitamins to take, and exercise will also be an important part of staying healthy during this course of time. At the moment I am exhausted. Much of what I work on will always be “for later.”MOCONDEMAND

  • Bideos?

    I create videos to communicate more of the message I advocate for, create interest in the mind of the reader and resonate with Congress. Those are several of the goals in this. To be recognized, engaged, active in all areas of Congress where I have made it my mission to try to help in pockets of disfunction. Over the course of a career I have stepped in more than one bees nest, and called FIRE when there really was one. I have been trapped in a freight elevator for a time, and I have been subjected to truths I swore to never tell the world. A Higher Loyalty is the title to James Comey’s book but it is really Americans like me who have a higher loyalty. Being part of a solution to a problem requires the communication system to work.

  • Joe Biden, candidate for Senator, no wait President, yeah.

    So vote for the GOP to solve the problems we are facing. I continue to see the bipartisan action I expect out of Local and State politicians but the ground work is lacking due to unprecedented levels of strain on resources.

    Wake-Up Call Joe;
    Does JOE BIDEN have these priorities in mind?
    Keep Bothell Safe (King County, WA, my home where I can be surveilled by Crossfire Hurricane, which I think was his old bosses idea).


    Will the question be asked, did Joe catch the virus?

    Did California catch an outbreak too? I fear the answer is yes. And the CDC’s current information confirms that in fact the COVID-19 Coronavirus is on the West Coast.

    For any Democrat to get close to winning, the Democrat votes (in California) will need to strongly drive their chosen crown jewel to the top, where Trump will be soaring to victory further above. The question of whether the polling (beginning in Iowa) was worth it to just give us Trump vs. Biden, is going to be the topic of a later post. All I know is, they better stay off my porch. That’s well inside of the 50 ft. “No Campaigning” zone anyways. Tisk tisk in advance to the Sanders and Biden doorknockers. They aren’t in here Washington State yet. Biden made the Tacoma Dome look good, and his supporters thrived during that night of “Bernie is here”. Just imagine a crazed hallway in a dorm, with people saying that over and over and then going to the rally where they continue expressing excitement about his campaign. I just don’t have Democratic Socialism on my radar as a solution, and I could never get fully behind Bernie as a Candidate for President. It seems that the Super Tuesday States also agreed – and decided that the right person for office was he who has already been there. Joe Biden touts needing zero on-the-job training. Was he effective before when he and Barack Obama started Operation Crossfire Hurricane to monitor and surveil the Trump Campaign?


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