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January 15, 2020

By: Chris Hanrahan

Not every American quite understands yet, with enough vivid clarity that can be shared in a blog post exactly what has happened ‘in the course of human events’ between 2015 and 2020(now).  But I think the real US Congress Geeks (the ones we have heard from and the ones we haven’t really) are collectively observing what happens next in the US Senate as Articles of Impeachment travel to their table this week.

On that same topic, Nancy signed her signature earlier today in historic pieces and I think the episode illustrated well and transparently her abilities at the present time.  Using a variety (or “a lot”) of pens, she finally signed her name, and the below is a rough idea of how it turned out.  Now as some are trying to illustrate one point or another in the wake of the Democrat debate there is a need to state what is going on with each of the remaining candidates.  Because the candidates are all devoting time during their 2020 popularity contests (read campaigns) in their own ways, we can only sit back and watch them try to “take back America” from Trump.  Some continue to view Trump and Trump Supporters with such a naive mindset and think we’re all idiots.  That’s so untrue. 

The American people deserve to know what their government did under Biden and Obama, and that especially applies if the Government was involved in the types of activities that shouldn’t be allowed to go forward.  Americans will decide what happens to Joe Biden.  In the case of FISA re-authorization, it’s important that the public gets to understand the damages inflicted by the actions of the runaway Democrat party.  The voters rolls, in their current form, need to be more closely looked over.  Speaker Pelosi tweeted yesterday a few items which at least to me appear to lean towards the Voter ID outcome for our Country.  Why not all have a Photo Voter ID?  Some of the people I hear speak on this issue bring such a skewed perspective to the framing of the issue itself and it’s a push to nullify the presidency of Trump.  Luckily others are speaking more sense into the conversation and defending Trump.  How witnesses impact the points of view which will then be “shared by x% of Americans” will be a symptom of the balance between a Kangaroo Court and something much better that I hope to see the US Senate bring to bear in the 2020 Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump.



Trump has said, “What happened to the second whistleblower.  What happened to the informer?”  Those are good questions, Mr. President.

We will either see NO witnesses called to testify or ALL.  Senators will hear the arguments being made by both sides.  51 Senator votes will be needed in the case to Impeach Trump.

It’s not always clear when somebody has a plan.  And unless they divulge that plan to you either through public or private announcement, you get to interpret what’s going on behind their plan.  A National Day of Action has been declared this month (1-19-2020) by Trump, and I know what I plan to do that day.

The inculpatory information gathered from members of the Trump Campaign (#CrossfireHurricane) used a very flawed and DNC paid for Dossier, and then used that to drive a false narrative. Not a terrific idea.

To answer the questions we have to now ask, it’s obvious we should also more scrupulously examine the Articles of Discrimination which must have fueled and justified the false narrative. False credence can easily be established and otherwise obviously false claims fuel Fake News through the implementation of Limited Hangout environments where only a certain subset of ideas are ever uncovered before the US Public.

Even showing the US Public all the evidence is a problem for the Democrats. And that’s the cold hard truth. The truth is, they are going to be instantly disproven in their complaining once their allegations of conspiracy, collusion, criminality…are shown to have been episodes of “Limited Hangout News Propaganda Operations” that involved both elements of ONGOING BIG HEADLINE public awareness stories and stories which don’t really ever see the light of day in the face of “Speaker Pelosi Time” in which nothing usually gets done anyways. She’s an ineffective speaker through and through. Her chosen Impeachment Managers are nothing to be proud about, no matter who you are. Some support them very strongly, saying “Schiff will save America”. I laugh!

R will modify the way a user experiences the website by offering these features for everyone to use and collaborate with.

  1. A chart with focus on  issues that exist at the forefront of my political formulations
  2. A map which identifies me as a constituent in District [i] in the State of [^^]
  3. A review of the entries of other users on the Potato Network (MOCONDEMAND) similar to fact checking on Facebook.
  4. Tool: creation of media on The Potato Network (in support of a particular candidate).
  5. The House and Senate have 24 Hours Per Day.  MOCONDEMAND will make an effort to allow each US Representative and US Senator to be transparent about their activities in Government.  And ultimately if they don’t do it, the doing will get done on its own and information about their activities will be gathered and shared for the benefit of all who want to view that compilation of content.
  6. When a Senator or Representative uses a political platform to start a conversation, what happens next?  What is ideal?  When is the “outcome” finished and what does a backlash entail?  A recent example of this happened on the Democrat Debate Stage yesterday when Tom Steyer walked in on and all but broke up a social face-off between two very hormonally escalated rich white candidates.


Some On Deck Articles (SODA):

On the Decision to open Crossfire Hurricane — A timeline, and an exercise in discretion (by Obama and Biden).

A Higher Loyalty Book Review (James Comey).


Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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