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Digital care packages with the #hereforourmoms #hereforourheros hashtag are all over the internet today and the unique burden of not being able to hug mothers on the holiday has been difficult.  Receiving packages and seeing eachother in person can be transmission vectors and a lot of words of affirmation will need to be shared online instead.

Protecting Mothers on Mothers Day in 2020 will be done in a way unique to the year.  The Veterans United operation below can help to bridge the compassion gap.  The people who have so much gratitude but no way to convey it are commonplace this year – “how can I help” is heard in the digital halls of generous people doing generous things.

Blocking the glare of the mundane (as covered by the writings of people who are blogging just to waste time) is a challenge that you have to discern for yourself.  What are you interested in doing to say Thank You Mothers on Mothers Day 2020?




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