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Political Ejaculation

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Saturday June 27, 2020

Are you waiting to say something using your voice?  Say it!  There is a word called Ejaculation.  It means what you think it means.  To suddenly explode with expression.  So where do you go for your political ejaculations?  It is what some people object to about the Tweets of Donald J. Trump.  As rumors begin about him switching to another network (Parlor?) there are new questions to be asked (such as what makes Parlor unique, different, and possibly better than Twitter, perhaps) along with other things.

Freedom means something different to every American but one nuanced thing (the freedom of thought) is not a biocentric thing to defend in America.  Freedom of thought means something different to every reader.  Some may relate in that the ability to think one thing (and “not” think another thing) is a matter of the freedom of individuality being fulfilled.  Feel me?  

Americans are using their voice on platforms in 2020, and expressing to the world how they feel, and what they experience day-to-day.  Some are making a youtube video, some are recording a podcast, and others are writing a book.  And Future Americans will be more like us than we can predict.  Through the actions and influence of many who have spoken, the message that resonates most is one of an unmistakable understanding among an intergenerational mix of people in the United States of America about the challenge we currently face.  Confluence among many who don’t typically turn to each other, is growing.

Future Americans will get to decide what they think happened during the Pandemic of 2020.  There are fictions to be written now, of how 2120 will be shaped by 2020.  There will be memorials to the great losses of this pandemic, erected worldwide.  The suspense for that 100 years is going to be unexpected in its climax.



Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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