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Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Media Availability (3.31.2021)

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Who says “there is nothing we can do”?

Some people do a lot;

Some people do very little but think they do a lot…

Strategy exists in there caught in the middle – and the ability to dominate the “why” on robust (announced and executed) strategy is left to the world we live in, where competitors you can imagine and those you cannot decide who will win next.

Given a knowledge of the objectives of problematic competitors, and having taken the chance to look at the leaders responsible for making real, valuable changes for us all, I have my consistently vocal and some enduring yet silent doubts as to how it is all going and how it will go as we careen into the future earthspins ahead.Β  Β Biggening problems are exposing bulverisms at a record pace and balance is taking a backseat to sheer “action” now.

This is not a “sky is falling” interpretation, but there continues to be cause for caution as Joe Biden leads in a scramble to both welcome new entrants over the southern border, vaccinate all within eyeshot, and try to keep the current medical care schema realistic.Β  The current medical care schema has been unrealistic in WA since it was first described at the earliest stages of the outbreak in WA.Β  Whoops, I guess.Β  Evergreen Medical and others could have done better at all levels but did not want to promote a panic, basically.Β 

We are currently an uncomfortable society when it comes to solving problems.Β  For example, budgets on road repairs typically provide for a a 2 to 3 year budget period, but the correct way to address real road problems (such as potholes in urban areas that require better fixes, so they don’t reoccur) and the lack of rural infrastructure factoring utilities such as Fiber Optic Internet Infrastructure, which will eventually connect 100% but currently onlyΒ approaches that number in Rhode Island, where the percentage was recorded at 98% as of 2018 (source:



Governor Jay Inslee holds a press conference at the State Capitol to give an update on the state’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The governor will be joined by WA Secretary of Health Umair Shah, DOH Assistant Secretary Michelle Roberts, and Nick Streuli, executive director of external affairs, Office of the Governor.



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