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It’s #MalarkeyGate 2020

Malarkey Detected. #92percentofRepublicans #DomesticElectionInterference #eo13848

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency does important things for America

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11/3/2020 was conducted in a pre-certified way and seems to be un-uncertifiable. Part of that is A-OK with me but we have to be reasonable. And as “time” goes on [there are flicks ticking] https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-42787529 ultimately I believe the Voting Machines Mark Bought will be the topic of much consternation. I reckon they controlled 1. Who got ballots (which is fine, when Election Officials do it), 2. Who donated and “to which candidate” (wherein they received #2.2 Billion in #adrevenue $FB between the Midterm Election in 2018 and the #11032020 vote event). Where then, just where was the money spent? “we will see???” It’s the line that the media tells you before they move on to the story they REALLY want to talk about. Dig a little for the facts and YOU MIGHT SEE RIGHT NOW that there are facts on the table that make it seem like old school cheating was part of the Facebook Sugar Mountain plan. And some of it was great for Our Democracy and some wasn’t.

Executive Order 13848 #EO13848 was MADE for DOMESTIC violators like $FB will be needed BEFORE the next step is decided. Could it be that America could conduct a more legit election without the involvement of Mark Zuckerberg this time? He should know better than to do HALF of what he tries to do. He is greedy. As his power slips away there will be a HARD LESSON to be learned by him and others which adhere to similar strategies. Do whatever you can do, for profit. Unmitigated risk is part of breaking things. Some of what he has done, and what he has PLANS to do, is pure garbage. CaLibra should never happen.

https://www.engadget.com/2019-06-18-facebook-calibra… There does not seem to be a way forward for them as a company now, operating as they are operating and parts of the platform (parts of the business model that has been suggested to them by individuals who don’t know what they’re doing) has become about peril to FREEDOM more than anything else. There needs to be a penalty not just a warning for Mark.



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