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Today marks Religious Freedom Day


By: Chris Hanrahan

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES are free and have the opportunity and the right to free exercise of religion free of persecution by law. Civil rights in 2020 does not protect any one particular group more than any other. The power of prayer is as a matter of all things Earthly, more effective an intervention than any other I can think of. On this day of Prayer and Religious Freedom may our leaders in the US Senate find the humility within themselves to see the obvious for what it is, and to dismiss all charges against the President of the United States. The true evil that exists in our world is being fought by Trump and the resistance against him seems dead-set on inflicting as much PR damage as possible at a minimum. But I think there is everyone’s pound of flesh on the line at the present time. And I hope everyone can proceed through this process unscathed but there’s no guarantee given the punches being thrown in the other direction. Trump counterpunches and there are rules which will give him the chance at doing so.

I have all of this in mind not because I’ve gotten ahead of myself, and not because I know everything there is to know about this. Quite to the contrary. Though those are the assertions of many people who choose to be vocal about their oppositional stance. That I just want to be a know-it-all. There’s a MOC vs. Geek paradigm that matters to me and it is that I have respect for the offices of Members of Congress. And I listen and learn from what they’re saying. Some of them have all the bulverisms and the generalities and the propagandistic terms ready, and the truth is many of them don’t know how to take the conversation further than a certain point on issues of great importance. Some people I know will tell me I support a terrible candidate for President who doesn’t believe in climate change, for instance, or that he’s a racist or a sexist. All sorts of reasons why they respect Trump Supporters less than those who vote for their own side. These people say “it’s a democracy” and they vote Democrat. All Democrat Voters are _____. It’s impossible to fill that blank properly. “Various”. It’s equally impossible to assess Trump Support. I think everyone may have some wrong information on the topic. The purest byproduct of propaganda eliminates awareness of the details that matter. Scrutinizing the actions of any candidate creates the conversation and headlines we can readily pursue on any given weekday or any given weekend. Choose your time to go deeper, and make sure you always remember to take time to step back.

Through Tw1tter, for instance, there can be lots of free speech seen in the moment. Tagged speech. Retweeted speech. The new and uninteresting. The old and ever so curious. The in-between. Over the last 4 years not only have I been a Leader in the Trump Campaign but I have also been a leader for myself. My own best interests. My Countries best interest. Trump won in 2016 and he won because he was simply the best candidate from all the Republicans and all the Democrats that found their way onto the debate stage.

Witnessing events like the 7th Democrat debate that happened earlier this month highlights the obvious that has become the norm… that everyone you meet knows something you don’t. It’s fascinating at times what is heard on the floor of the US House and the US Senate. There is a universe of other conversations for which hot microphones are not customary, and where much more fascinating discourse can take place. During these times it is virtually as simple as possible to contact a Member of Congress.

Assuming the world changes for the better, it will become easier in the future through technical changes ahead. Voter ID. Digital Franking. Digital Franking will be a mechanism for communicating with constituents, and the current Franking law states that all Members of Congress may (free of cost) transmit through the USPS to every one of their constituents. Powerful communication tool (a law) and an opportunity even more powerful than is currently appreciated by the masses. The masses that are so entwined with the updates of something as one-size-fits-all as Tw1tter when it comes to pursuing News about Politics in 2020.

As the world watched the other night as the Democrat Candidates for President bickered with each other on the [debate stage for 6], one thing was sure made clear: the time is now for a strong candidate to separate themselves from this crowd. And the field is still larger than 6 candidates on that side of the aisle. There are many candidates who I would say take the race more seriously, which have yet to be recognized as still being in the race, in 2020. At least recognized by a corporation like CNN anyway.

To those who confront peace with hate, and to those who falsely appraise others (ad hominem, jumping to a conclusion, escalating in the direction of anger) should take a moment to reflect and pray for greater understanding of others.  What continues to occur is that there is an inflamed Left who is dead-set on highlighting the lack of humanity of the President.  But in repeating lies about Trump and other things, they are running the dangerous risk of exposing themselves for who they might really be.  As you sit and watch the Impeachment Trial, what do you notice?  What about Hillary’s 30,000 Yoga and Wedding emails?  Where was the US Constitution then? Protecting our National Security means something to me and HRC violated that in such a clear and obvious way. Grave damage to our Country that is not forgotten.  I believe the Senate should raise this issue once again.  Bernie: please don’t repeat the line from the debates “enough with the damn emails” because some of us still want to know. Thanks.

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