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Adam Schiff: A Verified Bulverist

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Adam Schiff is an ineffective leader because of his bulverist views.  Though he likely knows more than he lets on to the public, about just how much the Barack Obama and Joe Biden Administration actually fucked up, he continues to lead the media, the American People through the mud of conspiracy theory about the motives and actions of President Trump.  His goal continues to be to protect the Whistleblower (whose name rhymes with Eric Chlamydia) and by the way his real last name contains the three letters “CIA” within it!  Accounts on Facebook.com are being deleted for mentioning his name, and the fact is, Project Lifelog was the name of what is now Facebook.com, not too long ago. Anyone who continues to express Pro-Trump views on those platforms sees the division, the chasm, that exists.  Observers see something more like “one side of the issue” and can only gain a certain amount of insight without actually using the service for “First Amendment Purposes”. It’s true that on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the First Amendment is not in its Terms of Service or Community Standard Documents. In a way where we are now is much worse than Y2K.  Just think what Y2020 is bringing us.  Has everyone lost their minds completely? People’s expectations for the future are all over the map, literally.

It is by reconsidering once again and debating in the light of day, which is a more reasonable call to action (Lock Her Up vs. Lock Him Up) that we will get to some meaningful level of accountability in US Government once again.  The work that FISA did under President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden is a laughingstock to those who have been willing to read/see the writing on the wall.  There’s tons of it there – just look!  What is the reasoning behind the hoax sheep that continue to say President Trump should be impeached?  And is anything we heard this week anything short of a complete #nothingburger?  I don’t think so!


Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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