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By: Chris Hanrahan

Millions of Americans wanted to re-elect a political realist and there are millions of invalid Dominion votes (remnants of a science experiment gone wrong) which were never and will never be validated.

As Democrats gear up to take the White House in January there will be continued talk of just how defensible the November 2020 US Election really was.  Dominion and Smartmatic have brought a layer of incredulity to something so basic as a United States Election.  Very few but the lawyers understand or can capture what is “obviously” going on with this election.  Understandable consternation from the left, whos recourse in 2016 included middle-of-the-street primal screams wearing pink beanies and facing outerspace (directly away from earth, with their face pointed “up”).  If Biden were to actually lose this election, what would their next expression of anger be?  A lot has happened between then and now, and with the addition of the pandemic (a science experiment of its own lab-coat) are we looking at the product of CHEATING or of a RECORD NUMBER OF VOTES IN A DEMOCRATIC ELECTION?

Many are falsely equating all types of political losers and journalistic lightweights as the next gold standard.  Just watch what happens when the journalists quit.  I follow one pollster who said before the election, that if Trump wins, he is retiring.  He is getting nervous and replying deeply in his comments on Twitter now, where he appears to be using much of his time arguing and stalling and ignoring some of the opinion polls that maybe he should be focusing on.  I don’t know what he is particularly waiting for to change his opinion.  Official word maybe.

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Chris Hanrahan

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