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Political Divisiveness in the Coronavirus Epicenter (King County, WA)

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Facebook and Twitter need to understand how their systems are impacting my life and my efforts at informing the public about on the ground developments as it pertains to coronavirus in my area.  As I use “Congressanon” as a handle to try to get the real news about the breakout of the virus and the corresponding responses across the Country I worry and plan.  Right now the people in King County are very ill and aren’t listening to anything being said at the hospitals.  Supply overruns are happening.  Madness is afoot.  I fear things here will get quite a bit worse before they are better.

Can anyone come up with a solution for the censorship issue at this juncture?  I think Air Travel can only go on until the next wave of outbreaks shows its face.  If you are anywhere clear of the current hotspots of the breakout (and it is here in Seattle in full force) there will be huge benefits in taking precautions.  I am seeing reality unfold and people who are being effected are being more vocal now than I’ve ever seen before.  That tells me that at least some of the effect of Social Networks as an information tool are effective.

However, there are important considerations and one of the big ones is what is keeping me up right now.  

When will the Coronavirus suffering end in the USA?  An unfortunate part about this outbreak is the involvement of more than one strain.  They say one of the strains is not as severe.  But the death rate of this virus is still broadly unknown.  By the time a vaccine is available next January, we will know a little more clearly how many in the USA have died.

Can I make a bet with the readers of this website?

What if I bet everything I have on this: take the owned media of mocondemand.com as an example.  Worth something if I make something of it.  Two things need to happen for that to occur.  Since the first is the most obvious to me in the moment, I can’t catch the coronavirus and deal with the ramifications of this disease.  Also the healthcare professionals in WA are on bad footing with me, as I have been critical and questioning of their whole system, and guess what, the Doctors know.  

There is always always always reason for questioning things and then hearing the answer.  The question is simple.  Will this virus change the shape of the election?  To answer that question we will observe the way voters have acted so far.  It didn’t help that I was listening to KUBE 93.3 as this was going on, but as record numbers of people came together in California, a clock began on those cases also.  I see how it has overloaded our hospitals in WA, and I fear that death numbers will hit every District in America if we don’t continue to proceed with caution.

This is Congressanon reporting from King County, WA|(WA District 1)

  • Sheltering in place is my plan with yard work being my exercise during sunnier days.  WA experienced record rainfall which has left people ill prepared for this virus to spread throughout the community.
  • I am continuing to monitor the situation, there are worries that occur to me around our Payment Systems.  Does anyone care to discuss that type of topic?  Comments are enabled on this post for visibility.  The system declined my card, which tells me two things, I shouldn’t be putting my card into a DEBIT machine other people use.  The grocery store has not picked up a full contactless payment capability yet.  The same hole is used over and over, possibly transmitting the virus.  In China, they destroyed cash in the areas most heavily impacted.  It is starting to look like that now.  Should we at least sanitize in these two areas?  In the store I go to, there seemed to be only the normal staff at this point.  I will continue to pursue this store’s story, as people in the area either continue to be infected at greater levels, or as the concern lessens over time…
  • Air travel to/from the affected areas.  When is too soon?  When is “too late”?  Why are CEO’s making preliminary promises about increased cleanliness?  Is this an early start at an Airplane Shutdown until next January?
  • I will continue to update this post as the situation on the ground progresses.
  • California should space out its people and build a railway.  Just to see what they would do with the money if they actually were given a second chance.  On a railway you have more options.  People have more space.  ON A PLANE YOU’RE A SARDINE IN THE SOUP.
  • God Bless Bothell, WA (King County, My Home)

    God Bless America (My Country)

    God Bless the World (Our Earth)


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