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My study of elections involves hearing why people endorse follow and vote for the candidates they choose.  I see the bumper stickers.  And mine are also on display.  “I am your voice.”  There are a lot of “I’m With Her” and “Bernie 2020” bumper stickers.  These people would feel more comfortable if Joe Biden and Barack Obama were back in office, or, in some cases, they feel that Bernie’s answers are better.  If a higher price tag indicates something is “better” then we can give the award to Bernie.

Costs come in all varieties and amounts.  The true weight of our actions garners a perspective in our society with each passing day, and we have never lived in such a transparently vocal environment.  If you so choose, you may readily hear what others think about any US Representative or US Senator.  In search of information, you can visit a website of your choosing and retrieve the vitals of any elected official.  Any candidate who might capture your attention in the course of the election is accessible, too.  A candidate can run with relatively little expense.  All offices come with their own set of demands, and the candidates and elected officials are all unique in how they meet those demands.

To make their social media posts go further, most of the political candidates of course pay for Promoted (Sponsored) Content on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  This way, their posts get more exposure and generate more buzz.  Conversely, the free option (where any candidate can use the platform to create posts without limitation) garners much less exposure.  When this happens, it’s public.  Campaigns who pay the reach ransom of pre-2020 Social Media Companies are getting ahead using means of pay-for-popularity.  The money their donors (legally) give them allows them to take this marginally ethical step.  The rules allow quite a lot right now, and enforcement will always lag behind the actions of campaigns.  

What do you think?

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