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Circling Political Wagons

The United States of America is being torn apart by bad actors such as HRC, and the demands to #lockherup have never been louder and more strongly justified.
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Tell anyone who will listen what you think, and you can easily determine whether or not they are inclined to agree with you. Sometimes it will be agreement, and sometimes it will be something less. Sometimes you will find yourself in a standoff, or an argument. By voicing your views, you might lose friends. Not everyone wants to discuss politics, and not everything you have to say is going to be about politics. Invariably you will cite something you heard on the news, and it could be medical information or even medical misinformation. The news contains both. Your conversations about information can end in unique, or predictable ways. The key factor to pay attention to is the attention span you and others have, and the capacity for new information therein.

Some of the people Americans used to trust for being credible, have been exposed as frauds. I can’t possibly mention all of the names that I associate with the word fraud in one article, but I certainly could choose to do so in a later post so that you could attempt to reconcile my list with yours. I already look at things through the same lens as some of my MAND Audience, which helps things along. As I compose this post, I am also aware of the divergent opinions that part of my audience wants to inculcate.

For example, I am not specifically seeking views from people who are researching the Highest Paid US Government Official for instance, but you inevitably have either been losing or gaining respect for this individual during the course of the Pandemic. The National Institute of Health has a liar as a leader.

Yes, circling the wagons. The idea that COVID-19 is a Medical War can perhaps be unsettling to some. Some would rather not go there, and would never think to call it that. However, as far as objective claims go, I think it is fairly apt to suggest that this is an Era of Medical Warfare for which the US Public has only been partially prepared and informed. In fact, the claim that the Wuhan Lab is precisely where COVID-19 originated was accurate and the Highest Paid US Government Official this article mentions, knew it all along.
To assist your views you can choose to refer to primary documents which have been declassified and released to the public, or you can simply get into the mindset of believing what President Donald J. Trump said since the very beginning.

Since that time some things have evolved. A Cover Story is something that requires definition – it is a story meant to be cast as “True” which is at best only “Partially True” and is sometimes “Completely False”.

Cover Story Tactics are something I am very familiar with. Cleared Officials are forbidden from deviating from a Cover Story, and lots of lies get told “in the interest of National Security” as a result. Natural Evolution of coronavirus, was an obvious Cover Story told by members of the United States Government. Lies of all kinds have been told and part of Circling Political Wagons is looking for truth tellers among the liars. Answers are everywhere you look, but the real and authentic truth can sometimes be hard to find. I determined that Donald J. Trump, President of The United States, knew what others didn’t, and chose to say it early on. Seattle’s NPR Blackout of the Coronavirus Briefings was the result of caving to the demands of corrupt individuals and stakeholders. Audiences wanted the channel’s broadcast to not incorporate Trump’s voice. Who had a hand in that blackout? I can’t be sure that I know the full answer to that question.

In terms of the Electronic Warfare that Nancy Pelosi referred to on August 11, 2016 there is recent Watershed Evidence (in the form of Revelations disclosed within the Durham Report) that Hillary Clinton is a Traitor. Nancy Pelosi was trying to convince the American Public that Electronic Warfare was being waged against Our Democracy, when the reality all along was that the Democrat Party was committing treasonous acts against the American Public and the Trump Campaign/Trump Administration.

The United States of America is being torn apart by bad actors such as HRC, and the demands to #lockherup have never been louder and more strongly justified. The American Mainstream Media, with few exceptions, continues to attempt to Minimize the Awareness of the US Public by providing as many distractions as possible. But the cards have been dealt, and the Democrats have had a losing, fraudulent hand this whole time.

“This is 60 minutes, and we can’t put on things we can’t verify” said Lesley Stahl in her interview with President Trump on 10/25/2020. She will choose not to cover the story further in light of the new facts that are coming out the Durham Report – that is Hannity’s guess. I agree with you on that, Hannity. I don’t suppose she has to cover any story she does not like.

The Mainstream Fake News Media are guilty of Media Malpractice and it all comes down to them being an arm for the C_A on a Mission of Propaganda. Journalism does not matter to them, and they have been accomplices to the Democrats for a long time. It is known that the Russian Dossier was a lie, and they never admitted they were wrong about that. No crime that Hillary Clinton has committed can be excused by the shoddy Fake News Networks forever. The best that they can hope for is the delayed awareness of their audience about the most damning Current Event Stories. The False Narratives that they have cast are still in effect for the majority of their audience. They alone are exercising unilateral control of the Public’s Awareness of Reality, and Propaganda is the word.

In the end, whether it is a David Muir Haircut that distracts the audience, or something else, the silence will eventually backfire when Hillary, at long last, is Locked Up for her Crimes Against the United States of America. The crime is called Treason, and it is exactly what the Crooked and Dishonest Woman should be charged with.

The stylist of David Muir’s Hair will be firsthand witness to the whole narrative unfolding, yet David’s highly pampered and rehearsed appearance before his audience will continue unchanged through it all.

The American People want the comfort of knowing that what they were told to believe before, and still believe now, is still valid. The Fake News will not update its watching audience with certain facts just because they are available. We can expect the Country to be filled with an increasing level of misinformation and distraction, and it is largely because of complicit and crooked maligned news networks.

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