Members of Congress On-Demand

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Media Availability (12.14.2020) 风雨飘摇的时刻


At this very precarious moment (风雨飘摇的时刻)Gov. Jay Inslee holds a press conference to announce his equity package as part of his 2021-2023 budget proposal. The governor is joined by WA Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, Rep. Melanie Morgan and Rep. Mia Gregerson.


The Motion Carries


Stacey Abrams filed an illegitimate Motion to Transmit in a fraudulent time in our Nation.  There are claims of a US Election that was anything but fair and impartial.  People are wondering about how much longer they will be able to hang on.  Nobody elected Stacey to hold any office, yet they allow her to “make mistakes” in a speech where she cites that as Americans “that is our right”.  The thing she says we need is, leaders who are willing to go into the tight corners and demand leadership of moral character that is willing to admit moral fallibility.  She calls for a moment of coming together for a moment of great patriotism.  I for one don’t know what she’s talking about.

There are investments being made in democracy, and people like Mark Zuckerberg are under subpoena to talk about their role in changing what “fairness” means for US Elections, without permission.  Often times, what can be seen is worth discussing.  The ONLY remaining caveat is, where are people going for their information?

Talking heads are choking up in acceptance speeches and coughing into their bare hands, changing the feeling of the acceptance speech.  One could imagine a horror story, an acceptance speech gone wrong, where an especially mutated copy of the birus makes an entrance into the scene the night before, during the time of “curfew” in the city.  There are people holding office who have done so since before the pandemic, and the mix of “is it the birus or not” going on in the crowd as some of this goes on, is remarkable.  It just depends on which victory speech YOU have seen, and that is a result of where you are going for your information.  Trump did things that they said could NEVER be done during his first term in office, and one of the things that he is going to do before the second term is to do one LAST thing that they said could NEVER be done.  The vaccine is working against the BIRUS now and the President of the United States is supported by a Constitution and the fabric of our Republic.

Widespread fraud does exist and was encouraged, documented, and is on the public record.  The Supreme Court of the United States is doing its job under tremendous pressure too, and they WILL be considering taking a second swing at this, in the runup to the 2021 Inauguration Day.  There is a LOSS on the board for Trump, and the latest credence to that has been brought into the situation has been in the form of consequential and damning evidence that CHEATING and UNLAWFULNESS was a factor in Joseph R. Biden’s “WIN”.