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A photo of Adam Schiff taken way before he lied about what President Trump said on the Ukraine telephone call.

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By: Chris Hanrahan

December 1, 2019

The Washington Deep Freeze is setting in and the month of December will be marked by a lot of distractive ad buying, promoting, of all stories other than the impending December 5th disclosure. In fact, the story will have to promote itself if January is going to make much sensse.

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwell what do you know?

January is when the US Senate will acquit the president of high crimes and misdemeanors. My hope is that the 12/5 Disclosure will incriminate Former President Obama and Former Vice President Biden in a pretty obvious way. But if there are links to be missed by the media, in the days after 12/5, I will provide those links here. The headlines will be an absolute smorgasbord and the facts will be hard to interpret without a good guide.

But so that the FISA story gets the most media coverage possible (think: mission accomplished) it will be important that articles be written professionally and completely. On December 5th you can expect a lot of coverage on the FISA story. In fact it’s one of the stories we are most interested in at MOC On-Demand. The idea that a group of campaigning individuals would be surveilled via FISA/FISC under false premises is unthinkable. Future campaigns of all origins should not be subject to such flagrant abuses, period.

The right words about the FISA story will be hard to find. I don’t know what the nature of the MSM headlines will be – but I am looking at the uninformed and the informed side of the audience after the 5th for a better idea about the latest disclosure.

The thing is, FISA was meant to help society, but we are at a transitional point in time when the meaning of liberty and justice for all is most central, and the machinations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Courts) in 2020 will be the most germane target for scrutinization by the masses. Everyone will have their own set of reactions/responses to the story. For many, the story will go purposely or un-purposely unnoticed.

Concerns shared by Adam Schiff and his schizophrenic impeachment committee amount to lists of suspects [he thinks] need to be interrogated. He continues to search for a lofty link between the 45th White House and Russia/Ukraine. Colluding. Bribery. Quid Pro Quo.

The first public hearing of the House Intelligence Committee will happen on Wednesday. Chairman Jerry Nadler will have control over the proceedings, and the Republicans will again have the goal of exposing the nature of the charade itself, to the public. Grab the popcorn.

In January 2020 Trump will be acquitted in the US Senate, based on the series of actions that the Democrats have taken. Up until this point in time, there have been vocal rebuttals across the aisle, from one side to the other. The Republicans are being clear in their side of the story here. They have pointed out that the Whistleblower is not being dealt with in an even-handed manner, and that there is indeed an investigation into the Bidens needed now. We need to examine the behavior of the 44th White House to correct the misbehavior we already know about. The point of the impending 12/5/2019 report is to expand what the public is aware of, as to the Origins of PROJECT CROSSFIRE HURRICANE (the operation to surveil Members of the 2016 Donald J. Trump Campaign for President of the United States of America).

It is easy (for some reason) for the Democrats to stick behind their talking points and say that Trump is a Criminal. It isn’t a fair system of Democracy when all of the candidates can rely on the rhetoric of a which hunt, against Donald Trump. But that’s what they do. They feel the evidence has already amounted to impeachable acts. In her latest living-room speech during the Thanksgiving Break, Sen. Amy Harris made the statement that we have a criminal in the White House. She has said that a lot. In fact lots of Members of Congress have said similar things.

The House Rules prohibit engaging in characterizations of the President.

However they consistently and repeatedly do so. I wonder if anyone in the House of Representatives is keeping a count.

Their convergent popularity contests go on, and the late entry of Michael Bloomberg spins things in a different way too. Many Americans are readying theirselves for the spectacle of 2 New York Billionaires on the top of the ballot. When the Democrats falter (and they have, and they are, and they will), we will see donors in the Democratic Party throw their weight behind the already heavyweight candidate. If Bloomberg adds his full muscle to the ticket, he will be very hard for anyone (but President Trump) to defeat.

Michael Bloomberg can say “I can’t be bought” just like Donald Trump rightly did in his 2016 Candidacy. And that’s a competitive advantage.

When Michael Bloomberg tries to saturate the Political Advertisement space, he will inevitably be expanding into a very expensive race. These popularity contests (each one of them having its own brand it seems) are a spectacle that is worth looking at closely. Americans are tentative about what some of these candidates are running on. Some voters feel they have identified “their candidate”. There are odds being cast, and name recognition is being solidified among the field of candidates.

Congressanon knew, adverse inference was afoot in Schiff’s Frozen SCIF……



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