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Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Media Availability (11.17.2020)





Novel CoronaVirus [Birus] Update

Acknowledging that the healthcare centers in the area are becoming the #1 source for new coronavirus infections, Snake Governor Jay Inslee is discussing equitable healthcare and other topics in his Media Availability as the second highest transmission source of the Birus, Restaurants will closed statewide for the next 4+ weeks.

The increase in infections in Washington area hospitals is creating a surge of proportions that we are unprepared for locally.  The missed chances to build new hospitals in the area (permanent ones to handle the floating 1 million + undocumented people and others) have all come and gone as the earth has continued to spin and testing strategies have shifted to make the reported numbers in the area all but meaningless.  The public health efforts are diminished to a record level, as they have been during parts of this Pandemic.

Jay Inslee’s tactics of Stalwartism have brewed necessary controversy and it was by only roughly 500,000 votes (1.7 million votes to 2.2 million votes) that Jay Inslee retained his nest in the Gubernatorial Mansion in his Stalwart Sanctuary State of Washington.

Resources are scant in a sanctuary state like Washington and there are difficult choices ahead.

Many Washingtonians are doubtful that the Truth/Proof Pudding Jay plans to serve will be sufficient or even have any taste.  CDC recommends all who have lost taste to get a covid-19 test immediately.  Whether you are one of the first or one of the last to get assistance from Jay Inslee will come down to a series of very real factors.  A closer look at Washington requires a number of serious lenses and one of them is this very Coronavirus Pandemic.

Other groups of constituents, such as those who back policies that would disallow Sanctuary City Laws in WA, or at least share that opinion in a poll are louder than they have been on this topic in the recent past.  Some alt-leftists will argue quite loudly in response that there is a NEED for areas like this in our Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.  The difference in political opinion is clear and the choice is URGENT.

Transforming a good thing if you want change.  And if you are of the ilk that gets into the lines that Jay Inslee forms (indeed the party line that says the world will be a better place if Joe Biden is President of the United States) you may disagree with ALL of what I say.  And if you’re used to thinking with the Group’s mind instead of your Own mind then there is a lot to be learned from each other as we go forward.

To that end, Joe Biden used part of his November 17th Media Availability to announce that he would not be interested in filling a role with the Biden Administration.  I think that’s important.  The time between the idea being seriously run by elements of the DNC and the time of this announcement had me personally thinking about the future paths Jay might take should he choose to bite the malarkey lure to be pulled to “the other Washington” by a Biden Administration.

It is wise of President Donald Trump to withhold access to Classified Information from Joe Biden.  In selecting 1% “low-blow” Kamala Hairless, I wonder if Joe considered that the Senator was so unpopular, not even she herself was cleared to discuss the level of unpopularity.  To the contrary, during her campaign she and the media took every chance they could to make positive statements in support of Kamala Harris.  And they succeeded in really painting her as a positive and inspirational woman, to many who just want to see a woman in the White House.  By voting for Joe Biden, voters wanted the CCP and other forces to win.  They also wanted the National Security Threat that is Joe Biden to drag in the lowest polling competitor with him, who happens to not only have scored low marks during the debate/poll/debate/poll/debate fiasco but also looking back to the very first hour of the very first “PayChuck” she earned.