Members of Congress On-Demand


There are some 500 Democrats having announced their candidacy to run to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

There is also news of people like Ted Cruz intending to run in 2020 to allow another path to the presidency for the GOP.

On what basis will Americans everywhere cast their vote in 2020?  Will it be in an effort at political compromise?  The first 2 years of Donald Trump’s presidency have set the stage for what is perhaps the beginning of meaningful cooperation.  It will be important to see what happens in these times of Government Reboot, during the course of the short term funding bill that will expire on February 15, 2019.  Democrats and Republicans are said to be working and negotiating in good faith with each other.  We will see what stage is being set for the beginning of the 116th Congress.

In the meantime, be vigilant about what it is you believe.  The news will try to muddy this, with endless stories which aren’t really even news stories, as much as propaganda.  When we are an informed public, we can realize some of what being an American means.  

Tell your political story – if you would like to write on the MOC On-Demand platform you can get involved.  Think of the diverse opinions and people that can assemble here over time.  As Members of the 116th Congress come to terms with the events of February 2019 [Trust The Plan] there will be lots of history to witness.  What will we get to see the House and the Senate do?  

As a Constituent, you may be in an information mode, wanting certain updates and needing a tool which helps with that.

As a Congressperson, you may be in need of a communication tool that meets all of your needs.  There might be a story you need to tell, and you might have big and small arguments about the topics, which exist only in the official record, but not among the general public at large.  You might want these messages to be heard differently amongst the many topics of debate.  

As any part of the audience that you might be (including the bots, I see you) there will be times that you want to see a story “covered again” or brought further into the relevancy of a debate.  For instance, if you are one of those people, like myself, who likes to highlight the misdeeds of Hillary Clinton, even when she’s not invoked or the conversation isn’t about her, I will do that, and I have found that some of the best parallel thought can be had when thinking critically like this.  

Why yes, it’s relevant to keep bringing up Trump’s taxes.  But why don’t we wait until the headlines on the IRS come down in Mid 2019 to tell the rest of that story.  Meanwhile as confirmed during the December 13th Clinton Foundation Hearing there are probable cause warrants as of 2018, for the very relevant Clinton Foundation.  So while they may say, well we haven’t seen Trump’s Taxes, I ask the Clinton Foundation, where and what is this library in Africa about, and why were you out of compliance when the FARA guidelines specifically required more than you provided.  If presidential candidates can use loopholes, then we should all be made aware of those things.  It sounds to me like the Clinton Foundation was taking money from around the world, operating outside of the law, and held unaccountable for its transactions (donations) by the government over which its mob-dnc still reigned.

About the Clintons, there will be more to come before her 2020 re-nomination is sought, if that’s what she chooses to do.  I don’t expect that she will have the longevity to seriously run again.  But as with all actions of the Clintons, it’s best to enjoy the show because they do anything they want, with very little in the way of a Code of Ethics.  Dirty politics at its very best!