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“The Potato Network” on “Members of Congress On-Demand”


WRITTEN: 11/4/2018 (UPDATED: 10/25/2019)

By Chris Hanrahan

During the last 11 months, the “Potato Network” political polls were processed.  These polls were available for a limited amount of time,  prior to 11/4/2018.  The results were informative, and will be interesting to the public once we publish further details about what happened with this experiment.  Public opinion matters, and it appears obvious to me that the public mind is active.

Another update TBA after 11/6!!

ESP Tribe is building the next generation of political polling.  The task of a website hosting provider is clear – to make space when new space is needed.  Some of the recent garbage collection has had two effects: new space for new political polling, and added defense through organization.  Something that looks like an obvious attack on Democracy from the inside (from the www.mocondemand.com war room where all failed “chrisincontext” login attempts are monitored, for instance) won’t necessarily be shared at length with the public here.

Over time, congresspeople will have the “tell me more” conversation about the Potato Network.  But first, the constituents will enjoy what they see, saying “keep going”.

Of course visitors will need to know they will see a site with relevant capabilities and tools that the situation (the 2020 race) calls for.  Voting resources, and other typical pieces of useful data will need to be repackaged so they serve all.  There is a long way to go in this area and the point of effective partnerships would be to plan out the proper execution for www.mocondemand.com in that area.  Areas of Subject Matter Expertise are often subjected.  Contact congressanon@pm.me if you have any questions and I would be happy to try to answer them for you.

After not too much longer, more of my own opinions will be offered on www.mocondemand.com, along with the shared/expressed views of the loyal followers/supporters of candidates such as President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden.

We started this long ago and it’ll be available later to the public (after the 2018 Midterms are already decided).  The Visual elements are listed in the Legend Below:

The Key:

🔴 Right Leaning Argument (Partisan Points, by Partisan Trump Supporters, in Plain Sight)
🔵 Left Leaning Argument (Partisan Points, by Party Line Block-Voting Democrats, in Plain Sight)
Fact-Checked Links and Articles will be indicated, and ranked “first” in all views

Verification Badges:  Many social media networks have not taken this step yet, arguing that adding a verification badge to all accounts would cause some users to stop wanting to go to www.facebook.com for instance.  But that’s because Facebook’s user numbers are not honest.  What do you think is happening here in this area of futuristic policy on the internet?  Some of the hesitancy to move in this direction will never be washed away and users will have moved to other platforms, once many of these types of adjustments are finally made to their first-gen social media networks.  Plus, I feel they are being too greedy to rush into the Libra Network.  I think the Libra Network, as a quorum, needs to be interviewed before any of this goes forward.  Who is their SME for verification badges?



“Small Potatoes” and “Big Potatoes”

[The Small Issues and the Big Issues].

Language of the thought-based debate of opposing ideas.  Engine for disagreement, and a path to defining some conversational norms around what it means to be a participant in a potato debate.

Users can create a potato post to explain or illustrate their own arguments, and try to disprove or support the arguments they encounter during highly visible debate.   There will be Small Potatoes and Big Potatoes.  Does this sound like anything you’ve used before?  Good, that means you have [set your expectations].

Sounds good?  Sounds hmmm?  Unsure?

At least wait until there’s another couple of updates to this page.  Many are paying very close attention, and some aren’t paying any attention.  Does the world need potatoes in this context?  If the future goes the way I think it will, then the answer is yes.

Some constituents are seeing/hearing/talking about a different story.  Every politician knows something that every constituent doesn’t know.  Teaching should go both ways.  Big Potatoes gain big visibility and are attached to an issue, or put into the context of the interests of the American Team.

🍿 Rule Number 1: Popcorn – Grab the Popcorn, and Enjoy the Debate

Rule Number 2: Of course if you want to get more involved, it means getting verified with a constituent badge on the platform.

Rule Number 3: Concerted efforts by Republicans and Democrats to eliminate foreign interference in our elections must include meaningful partnerships and cooperation of firms who have demonstrated an effort to combat the full breadth of aggressions seen in cyberspace.  Rule number 3 is: 🇺🇸 First.  MOC On-Demand is for the public good, and was created for The American People.  As the project moves into later phases, efforts to discredit participants on the basis of real or false claims of “foreign influence on the potato network” will be investigated internally using a closed-loop process which has been designed to discern the Domestic vs. the Foreign.  Credibility tied to the constituent badges will involve an understanding of the Community Standards rule which will be updated daily (or left the same for spans of time).  Rules about this topic will be organized in a highly visible format and will include all information necessary to help www.mocondemand.com to be in good standing RE: Rule Numbers 1, 2, and 3.

The data from prior and future opinion surveys will inform the creation political inference algorithms based on stated + underlying bias determination as well as a contextual awareness (thanks to The Potato Network’s visual tools) of the Small Potato and Big Potato issues being debated and discussed.  Bias is something that we hope to highlight if not eliminate and mitigate through purposeful and highly visible debate.  Some of it will look like manufactured spectacle on the say-so of someone who compels their followers to communicate their message.  A spokesperson – a supporter – a paid lobbyist?  Debate the bias you hear in the posts of users, but it won’t become a highlight of the posts.  Counter-narratives have their place, and sometimes 20 different narratives must break down in order for one successful (and truthful) counter-narrative can be constructed in the open.

The factors making https://www.mocondemand.com and The Potato Network a success are simple:

  1. We won’t hide inferences about users when we make them.
  2. We will build tools to allow all users to represent their identity in a way that empowers them and adds credibility.
  3. Acknowledging the reality that others are experts where we are not, is important.   We share knowledge.  Sometimes the things we share make others go “hmmmm”.
  4. The polls that have produced data have been a process of stimulation not simulation of political discourse.

What is a Big Potato issue when debating the issues that matter?  Can we agree that each side of the “Republican vs. Democrat” debate are much bigger issues than other Small Potatoes.

But, the way we share and talk, amongst each other can look and sound a little more like an angry Maxine Waters and less like a calm, collected President Donald Trump (shown below, speaking at the White House).  When the ability to build good optics overall are at a functional low, especially when politics are discussed, there are conversations about the granting of credibility that don’t sound like solutions to me.  Mostly they are simple excuses.  In fact, for many users this is one of their most hated obstacles of social media.  The elitist 35,000 person truth patrol + content monitoring team/army at Facebook.com has a job to do.  They prune billions of fake users.  They again refuse to bring verification badges to the forefront of their business model.  I don’t understand why.  The evidence against the former versions of Facebook.com is mounting and politicians like Maxine Waters are perceiving the threat and showing their resistance to the change that companies like facebook.com is trying to make.  But who has ideas/constraints to offer mocondemand.com.  Some would agree, our ideas here are getting pretty big.

Coming Soon: The Potato Network