“The Potato Network” on “Members of Congress On-Demand”

USA Border Wall Update


By: Chris Hanrahan Created January 12, 2019 Updated October 25, 2019 Once a deal has been made between the Republicans and Democrats to end this shutdown, there will be much to discuss. The southern wall controversy were behind a 4+ week Government shutdown during which cable network headlines slowly shifted […]

The Outcomes of the Google Congressional Hearing


By Chris Hanrahan There was a preamble to the testimony that happened between Google’s CEO and Congress earlier this week. There are mixed opinions on the outcome to what was said, and many of the promised written responses have not been returned to Congress yet. There are people thinking a […]

An Ex FBI Director – James Comey


By Chris Hanrahan In the transcripts to his 12/7/2018 interview, it is clear that James Comey was not shy about giving “non answers” to interviewers. In a way, some of his inability and unwillingness (granted that some was due to the lawyers he had present) to articulate anything that went […]

ESP Tribe Tweets


We have to agree that many of our disagreements are just a matter of issue framing these days— esptribe (@esptribe) November 9, 2018 Chris Hanrahan, ESP Tribe When people speak from a place of personal experience, we all must listen— esptribe (@esptribe) November 9, 2018 Chris Hanrahan, ESP Tribe It […]

11/4 Midterm Update – Early Voting Counts: 27 Million


Record Pace of Early Voting in the 2018 Midterms By: Christopher Hanrahan UPDATE: Now that midterms have happened, the early candidacy story is off to an interesting start. Check out “Who’s running in 2020” at http://www.mocondemand.com/2020. It is exciting to both the Democrats and Republicans that so many early votes […]

Adam Schiff: A Verified Bulverist


Adam Schiff is an ineffective leader because of his bulverist views.  Though he likely knows more than he lets on to the public, about just how much the Barack Obama and Joe Biden Administration actually fucked up, he continues to lead the media, the American People through the mud of […]

Schiff: Time is Up


Pelosi & co. refuse to bring their inquiry to a vote because they have no serious interest in searching out truth and… Posted by The White House on Monday, October 21, 2019 By: Chris Hanrahan The White House posted earlier today: Pelosi & co. refuse to bring their inquiry to a […]

Recess Bells are Ringing


Members of Congress are stumbling back into the halls of Congress, drunk off of the feedback their constituents have hurled in their direction.  People are thinking, ‘what is my Representative or Senator going to be doing from now until the end of the year’? and nobody knows the answer. The […]

So You’re a Congressperson on Recess…


By: Chris Hanrahan Generally speaking, though common goals do exist among Members of Congress, there is no such thing as a strictly required job roles when it comes to anyone who manages to get elected. We often see tasks undertaken by Congresspeople which extend the goals of the represented party. […]

The Train Track of the Alt-Left

R 1

By: Chris Hanrahan The money that was going to be spent on the now-cancelled project in California will not be returned to taxpayers, according to officials.  President Trump says that the Federal Government wants its money back for the project which didn’t materialize in an actual High-Speed Train system being […]