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Senate Commerce Subcommittee Holds a Hearing on COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery


Economic Realities in the present day have kept us in argument with, not agreement with, the truths we face as a Country today.  Wearing a mask, social distancing and washing our hands have kept some safe, and yesterday almost 3,000 people died from having been exposed to coronavirus.

“Characterization of community exposures can be difficult to assess when widespread transmission is occurring, especially from asymptomatic persons within inherently interconnected communities,” the report states.
In fact, the report suggests that “direction, ventilation, and intensity of airflow might affect virus transmission, even if social distancing measures and mask use are implemented according to current guidance.”
CDC Reports make the science as clear as it can be in 2020.
There are vaccine doses being delivered to providers in the United States and each State is identifying who gets the vaccine.  One of the ways we can protect healthcare workers from further adverse eventualities due to burnout and other factors is to minimize their involvement in the distribution of the vaccine altogether.
Cold Chain Licensing is a challenge which requires great care.  Operational Integrity dictates that local health authorities cannot control the risk associated with rollout of the vaccine.  In a similar way, local election authorities cannot contain the fraud, irregularities cheating and abuse that can take place in Democratic Elections writ large.  I’m talking about the whole world with both statements, and of course it’s America First.
Everyone will want to be involved in the demand for shipping and transportation, but it is not the old uncontrolled way that we should really go.  It is a new way, with rockets by spacex and trucks (not rentals) that run on electricity.
Using a rocket to travel into space a bit is great but using it to drop down to land and deliver vaccine doses to people in need is something that the world will look back on in awe afterwards.  Can “superchilled” vaccine be kept on a rocket in this way?  You betcha.  It could land in a field and healthcare providers could take it from there.  There is a debate about whether a transportation mode like this is justifiable.

Let NASA do the licensing and logistics of the vaccine distribution…  Space force has to be used for something in this context.  Does the Space Force have innumerable space suits being made in the background?  Perhaps so.  

Operation Warp Speed will not need to incorporate any of the big shippers that compete for this business, but in true America nature, that just might be the solution chosen.  At face value these are old trucks painted orange, Rentals per Se, which drive with large seemingly empty trailers through Woodinville after delivering the parcels everyday.  The trucks are huge with drivers who execute their turns in *just barely big enough* quarters.

There are “equitable” discussions being carried out and that’s a good thing but the America First model Trump planned Operation Warp Speed under has “equitable” as one of its corner stones.

In speaking about innovation and technology, “transport capacity is expected to be tight” was one broad objection to comingling vaccine transportation with the cards and packages which also travel point-to-point during this season. The USPS union should be audited if it is to play a role in any of this. Let them do the postal service and not even deliver a single dose. They have a difficult enough time with any task. I question the future of their role in Elections, for instance. They sure are tied in to the process!  Audit the USPS!


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