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A Week Under Review :Malarkeygate市

Jen Psaki Daily Haircuts

By: Chris Hanrahan (congressanon)

Today is certainly the most Saturdayest of Thursdays in recent history. Will you tune in as Malarkey Joe delivers his address later today? Azoma Training LLC (mocondemanders, that’s who created this thing you are looking at) will be watching with great interest as Malarkey Joe delivers a long overdue explanation. Does he have any idea what is going on at the border? What will the impact of 200,000+ (new for 2021) illegal immigrants be to effected communities?

Some recent problems our nation has faced have been compounded by foreign governments. When countries such as China allow their companies to infiltrate and compromise National Security as a business model, it needs urgent attention and a plan that will not set back America. If we do have to endure 4 years of an OPEN BORDER policy under the Malarkey Joe Biden Administration, I wonder what will happen to all 435 Congressional Districts.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, has said that the border is not open. I say, let’s see changes to the system of Democratic Representation in the USA. A 1:50000 representative-to-consituent ratio would be much more appropriate than the current 1:750,000+ ratio which leaves MANY unheard. The tech companies take any chance they can to put their thumbs on their chosen side of the political scale, and US Elections MUST go forward in a more defensible way, free of ANY AMOUNT OF ZUCKERBERG’s INFLUENCE. I mean not even $1! Do you agree with Michael Lindell when he says that Mark Zuckabuck’s companies should be broken apart like a jigsaw puzzle. I say, SMASH! We have no time for Malarkey Joe and his team to try to crunch the numbers and deem them a risk. Instead, the people must DEMAND things be done differently in America. No company led by Mark Zuckerberg should have ever been able to do what they did in the 2020 election, and the best way to remedy the opportunistic fraud that spoiled confidence in the 11.3.2020 election is never stop explaining what happened. Many companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and others are being given a wide choice of fascist choices, and they’re taking content off of their platforms hand over fist. The livelihoods of aware, awake, first amendment using Americans are being hindered by a monopoly of unblessed platforms.

Zuckerberg has zero clue what ANY of his outcomes are going to be. Lying and playing dumb have gotten him this far, and his ELECTION MEDDLING including buying City Government Resources such as Labor and Voting Machines in areas that produced large future profits for him and his shareholders.

While what happened in the 2020 election was a disgrace, the biggest Malarkey of them all is the way that Jen Psaki and Joe Biden are leading the narrative of the average American on these issues with such a blind and arrogant view.

BIDEN SIGNING the $1,900,000,000 Bill on 3/11/2021: