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Jen Psaki is a Known Bulverist and a little more too but that's enough w/this caption. A Bulverist Says I am not aware of that consideration in an attempt to move past and onto something they do know. A bulverist is disagreed with by BOTH SIDES of a Debate.

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everyone you meet
n2w gifts
variably ones they haven’t
yet even used or
shared enough yet
hope with you
gifts for you to0
family and friends
known to those you
know and claim to know
really try to not be something that you’re not
unfamiliarity in prompting “what is on your mind”
but it is what it is at the end of the day
your efforts manifest what you choose
the world and the circle of friends rather than just #views
the hairs on the back of your necks will stand still
the same old road as before
what is the thing that you think you know
what is the game and the score?
we will see what facts come to bare
we will see where we are
reason I ask is not envy, for only YOU know who you are.
accept yourself and express your view, we can disagree
and still remain friends too
if it isn’t what you choose – if it isn’t what you want
just go search on Facebook for some kind of savant
it is bird bath week in the White House Press Pool
Per the Jen


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