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By Chris Hanrahan Potato Network Update

There is a pattern of recognition amongst those in the know that stays silent about some things.  As some have noticed, I have many Instagram accounts and other things.  Not all respect or know what it is that I do, and some have noticed that their live streams are subject to the Chrisincontext First view (which may or may not have been the product of a few projects I have completed at Azoma Training LLC so far).  I don’t know!  You’d have to read a book which has not been published yet.  

As I write in ink, and pencil, and the ink runs out in the pens and the pencils shorten and the erasers become more round, more in the life of 2021 seems irrelevant.  This is since the books I am working on focus on times in the FUTURE, PAST, and also the PRESENT DAY. 

So, when will it ultimately make sense to publish the book?  I know that there will be a book-release notice posted here soon, but if something should happen to me before the date of their publishing, you all know what to do. The book materials that will incorporate the chapters of the book are partly FICTION and partly NON-FICTION.  An element of the middle finger might be present within the covers of the book since the topics will include sensitive plots and deep ideas about TRUTH and LIES in today’s world.

When the LIES are the focus, I will work on the book, and when TRUTH comes to light, I will work on the book still.  When others read the TRUTH and LIES in the book I write they will have to reconcile the plot with the reality they can see and feel.  What the character does during a book and what the author of the book does during his life can be extremely congruent, or there can be large differences.  The opportunity is in explaining what is going wrong and Doing Something to fix it.

In fact, imagine a non-fiction account of an accused “drug use” line in a medical file that should have said “does not use drugs” but in fact can be read “denies using drugs”.  I say that it amounted or amounts to an unclear or somehow misunderstood set of facts.  But the more I consider the implications the fact is, it incorporated the same words used for white and black kids who would come in to get checked at the doctor.

Fast forward to 2021, where in year 2 of the Pandemic the main character finds himself in possession of his own medical record.  The establishment healthcare system has to ask itself, what does Chris know and what is the purpose of the research he is doing about this type of topic.  What is the implication for healthcare in a world of leakable, clunky, in some cases inaccurate, and incomplete medical files?  For some, the solutions that are being used on their behalf are cutting-edge.  But notably for many, there are huge discussions around the widening gap in access to good care.  And solutions have to start at points that make sense.  

Take for instance the peril that is 1:750,000 Representative:Constituent communications.  What do you think about that topic?  Frankly, my view is rather dim of the job that smorgasboard staff members (not screened for security or anything like that, in fact) are put into the civil duty role of communicating with constituents.  So, who are these people, and why can it truly be said that they have the interests of All Americans in mind?  

Every Congressperson does his/her job differently.  I believe that the US Congress has long been a place where there are errors in each step of the process.  So why does it matter?

One of the most abstract ways I can put it is, it’s BIG POTATOES if something like a pandemic becomes the “current priority” and the US Congress remains broken in process for years throughout and after the pandemic.  If there is in fact an “AFTER” which lacks the danger of an ongoing PANDEMIC, then the next epochs will be appreciated more by all.  Many of the most disadvantaged and unaccounted for among us, have already died.

The lesson to learn and the mourning to experience as we all try to do better is, greed has no place in America in 2021.  Where greed is focused, evil can brew, and I believe that what Americans all need is sustainable representation and the ability to have their concerns acted upon.  I think that in all areas of representation, it would greatly advantage EVERY AMERICAN if the REPRESENTATIVE RATIO was limited to no more than 1:50000.  And I believe that there can be shown to be cause for even more diluted representation in some cases.  Where States have relied on an overlapping system of State Representatives and Federal Representatives there has often been misrepresentation there too.  All of this may not work, and the world may not in fact need such adjustment to United States Government.  Yet such as we are we shall try it.

Thanks to all current and future mocondemanders and the people who agree not.  The demand for a reasonable perspective eludes us in a world of timelines and posts with or without credit, with or without true identity, and real or purely imagined in nature.

It does not matter if you arrive at MOCONDEMAND as a man, a woman, or a potato.  In the world where users can demand “representation”, the post and the user, and the timeline are not going to be the focus over time.  If inputs “as a suggestion card” become acted upon effectively “as in, accountability”, then defensibility can once more be established and this, in my current opinion, is only possible if 1 – to – 50,000 Representative-to-Constituent Ratios become the new status quo in America.

Potential benefits for the United States would be a great topic to consider and discuss.  I think honesty among Representatives is such a big topic that the whole “small potato” or “big potato” label could be focused solely around the controversial topic of honesty?  Is that what the mocondemanders will come to expect from mocondemand?  At this time, of course, unclarity was the theme.  In the context of new tools, mocondemand appeared to be so far a place for only the Author’s views to be shared.  In fact, there were many comments which had been entered onto the site over time that were hidden and subject to re-appearing another time.  The statistics were kept on the down-low because, I don’t think it matters, and the eventual features were the purpose of much scanning from many different countries over time.  In fact, it was a lot to keep up with!

So, I did the things that I will talk more about in the book, started a few projects that continue to this day, and along the way learned about the active priorities of Americans who want to some day become mocondemanders.   Some have signed up to receive updates when new posts are added.  


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