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Why Should You Care Who A Politician’s Friends Are? What Has Their Walk In Life Been Like?

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By: Chris Hanrahan

March 11, 2021 (updated: March 11, 2021)


The Truth

Joe Biden wants to sniff hair.

In Government, he or she (+ the ~28 “queer” designations) who ponders and explains solutions about anything to anyone is destined to eventually be labeled a politician.  It DIVIDES US as a people to either harass or scapegoat, or assist or favor one Gender over the other.  Issues are the same  Are politicians self-serving?  No, they do things to help the communities around them.  Ideally that is, if they don’t put off the interests of their constituents in favor of ones that are not important or do not really exist.

So, who are your friends?  If speaking about the way that trust is gained initially, and becomes a friendship, then you have to of course consider, who has ever been your friend, and who remains your friend.  One of the common things I seek out when conversing with others (like on a recent Instaqram live stream) is how do you determine if anyone has any clue what they are talking about?  The daily sham on Instagram amounts to a scenario where feelings are hurt too easily and turf is claimed at will, through an increasing toolbelt of “I don’t want to be in this person’s feed”.

As a follower of over INSTAQRAM 5,000 accounts, I have learned a few things as “@chrisincontext”.  There are also several other accounts I retain for purposes of “backup” or something completely different.  I have tried along the way to be really active in the liking and commenting of posts for a long time.  In fact, Chrisincontext was one of the accounts banned before the election, and they gave me my account back in mid-November. 

An older and more importantly an account with more self-taken R/C Car videos, personal shots, other things was also  deleted in that time period, as far as I can tell, as they have yet to unban “@wsuchris” in the Berg Control Room at Facebook HQ.  I’m still waiting!  Interestingly, over time I have seen how the address instagram.com/wsuchris has in fact changed from “user not found” with my First + Last name and the user display picture (an F22 Watch) to a resolution of instagram.com/(null) with a blank screen several times.  It seems that there are risks with getting involved as a multi-accounter in the Social Media Context.  So, why did I ever find it necessary to create more than one account?  Indeed.  PERMANENT DELETIONS is part of the way that this company has retained value for its user base.  Many instagram users use very careful aesthetics when creating their posts, using pictures from the real world around them.  That is not the scenario for all users, however.

The Big Details in the Small Moments

It is possible for time to go past and a second thought to be had “should I have posted that”, should I have commented that, should I have liked that, or added that “fren”/ if you will, friend.  

Ideas important to one person inevitably get tossed aside and replaced by the ego of another person.  Ideally the implemented set of tools on Instagram would be further along than it is now, but that could be said for many of the internet sites that you can find on the web today.  For instance, could someone make a site called “the daily congressanon” and try to make it a nice place for free speech?  The answer is very much, yes.

The often misaligned motives among users in the wild on these apps can drive competitors to new ends based on their network’s goals and current capabilities, too.  It is possible to have hard conversations, but they don’t really go anywhere or last, other than the pile of stuff you CONSISTENTLY want to bring to the world’s attention.  Answers to questions are sometimes the source of great news, and sometimes they can disturb most of the audience.  EVEN THOSE YOU THOUGHT WERE “on your side” or “viewed things in the same light” or spoke of your participation in a complementary way.  The ideas that someone expresses, become attached to the ego. 

The image of every user, as seen in a livestream showing their face and likeness, remains a very personally rich source of anxiety for most.  And really all that needs to be done to strike a raw nerve is to post a copy of a screenshot’s comments/progression for the world to see afterwards… Be it a knuckleheaded thing to do or something that is acceptable/understood or encouraged even, the choice ultimately comes down to YOU THE USER and amounts to the utility you can get out of the pile of stuff you CONSISTENTLY want to share with the limited audiences each user has on Instaqram.  Think about what you are doing and whose permission YOU have to do those things. 

The things re-shared are considered “borrowed” and the trend has been to the best of my knowledge, to give credit for a shared post.  Creating any post that is based on any other user comes with its risk.  You can be threatened, “you’re gonna feel the PAIN” or maybe a more diplomatic way exists to have that conversation.  The routes to “would you please take that down” are only growing on INSTAQRAM, and it’s a sham.


Good interesting conversations can be found around a #hashtag for instance.  You might inevitably be funneled to 1 or 2 accounts if you show enough interest in 1 or 2 hashtags.  Depending on the narrowness or broadness of the hashtags (i.e. #country, #Country, #USA, #WA) the conversations will likely fall around the topics that you expect.  But variation in the way each user uses the hashtags, and the subsequent reach that a hashtag can “buy” for a user, is worth noting.  READ the comments on posts including the hashtags you are interested in, and then refine the hashtag you’re using.  If you are interested in #learning more about hashtags, I suggest you just try them for yourself.  

Hashtags Can Lack Common Purpose

But hashtags create inevitably flawed funnels without the needed space for branching away from narrow topics.

Collaboration by hashtag also by definition allows those which would like to disassemble that collaboration to take the control they can have.  As the owner of the now banned AntiAntiWebsiteWebsite account on Instaqram, there were things to be garnered through participating lightly in hashtags.  Whoops on being banned there as well.


Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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