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Domestic Terrorism Review Primer

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By: Christopher J. Hanrahan

A Domestic Terrorism Review Is Forthcoming and the hour for accountability will require a new playbook at all levels.

Everyone consumes or views the news in a way that unique to their experience, education, and especially their equity lens. Meeting the people where they are is not very difficult if you bring them along / put them there in the first place. The news can therefore connect stories together, establishing the trust of an audience. The thoughts of the viewer are thereby led by the news and the words of the “viewer” and are therefore to some level modeled on what they hear.
Some of the words are more familiar than others. Equity Lens? That is a tough one. It is when you get the chance to speak your truth through to highlight barriers (and therefore create solutions to break them down). Your equity lens brings meaning to the world around you, and is a process for analyzing or diagnosing the impact of the design and implementation of policies on under-served and marginalized individuals and groups.

Every analysis conducted has its own reason, as part of a bigger design. Sometimes the system has an incentive to become overly taxed and as a result, to yield a favorable analysis despite available prevailing facts. In such cases, the system’s failure creates quantum waves, which crash against the ones YOU make. By extension, the decisions you make are only part of the consideration in your participation in any system the Government can design.

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Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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