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July 7 2021 Lawsuit Announced for Free Speech Rights

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July 7, 2021

President Donald J. Trump wants to reverse the cancellation of millions of Americans.  Since Mark Zuckerberg, who is one of the three targets to the lawsuit announced today, played a major role in informing (confusing) reaching (force feeding) convincing (deceiving) the American People, all while taking away responsibilities from duly elected US Elections Officials and inserting their own operatives.  We should depose them all, once the audits come back looking like a Tommy Barron Math test in Mr. Puz’s 8th Grade Class.  Tommy could not handle being second in class, so he ruined my test by putting his name on my paper, and vice versa.  When papers were returned, I quickly noticed the fact that these were not my answers.  What is my reason for sharing this fodder today?  I just choose to, and the reasons for doing so (the justification for mentioning someone’s name and not protecting their identity) are as clear to ME as they need to be, given what I am saying happened.  And just know, him and his friends and their collective social circles even to this day, are all suspect as far as I am concerned.  ERRONEOUS to include this in the post, but that is the nature of writing something.  If one person objects and raises a post to a fact checking team, then the wheels are set in motion.  Can the influence of two unknown individuals be disproportionate to their worthiness to that influence and is the label (the identity) of the person that operates in the world of Social Media operate as a CHEAT CODE for some and a HINDERANCE for others?  The way that Tommy took his stubby pencil, erased my good name, and put his own, should remind you that even if you DO manage to gain favor in any current schema (duly or unduly) the influence is bought with YOUR time but can be sold at the drop of a hat by one, feckless CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.


The Twitter CEO is also being sued.  Jack, what is your best (most secret) twitter handle?  What right do Americans have to know which of these twitter accounts are yours, especially in light of all of the false competition that has taken place on the Facebook platform in a similar way.


With respect to Google, I could write a book on what comes next for them.  Enjoy the Take-Out.



Chris Hanrahan




Chris Hanrahan

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