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Joe Biden Speaks about Cyber Security

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August 25, 2021

Observing a lack of security in something, and analyzing a thing as it is in the world can prove fruitful, as can the act of listening to an expert do so.  Eventually this yields evidence to all that as imperfect as technology has become, it is all we have.  As long as we are building new technologies (to make old technologies obsolete) at the same time this is happening, everyone gains.  If anything else is going on (such as some of the shit I can see happening on an hourly basis but post no public article on MOCONDEMAND (yet…)) then only SOME gain, while others lose.


Joe Biden Stammers past his teleprompter’s lines and gets some of the UHHHHHHHH more concerned parties who are watching to raise their eyebrows a record-setting amount.  Biden going “we know who they are” is of no assurance to me.  No he does not.  He is good at lists of suspects, and clearing some of them using 72 hour processes, while enduring undue scrutiny on other targets (uhhh, lesser ones) over 72+ month timelines instead.




Chris Hanrahan

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5 thoughts on “Joe Biden Speaks about Cyber Security

  1. There should be no reaction to this because nothing was said, and nothing was shared. There is no clarity to be had, and so for that reason they shut the media and the public out from the proceedings. My comment is: “Qui Bono?” or “who benefits?”.

  2. Cyber Symposiums with elements of openness and elements of closed-door and black-box (especially when Malarkey Joe Biden is in charge) do not inspire confidence in me.
    These types of meetings might be the stuff of experts who have made mistakes of their own in the past (such as calling the 2020 US Election secure).

  3. some of what he says might resonate with you on some level. you might think: malarkey joe has my interests in mind and the interests of Americans. around 30% of Americans approve of Joe Biden…. and I am projecting slightly because these are next month’s numbers (early) for those who want to know where this is headed. media bias is not thick enough to cover up this Administration’s misdeeds anymore, and anywhere there is an audience there are new things being learned about Joe Biden’s influence in the world. 10% of his son’s earnings goes to him too, and I would question where that money goes. Joe Biden is a greedy man and a shallow leader who is not interested in hearing what the rest of the world has to say. in fact, when something negative (extremely negative) happens, Joe has the capacity to feign ignorance. can anyone tell me if Joe Biden is not actually a complete idiot?

  4. he smacks his mouth as an obtuse low-iq leader would, stammering and stumbling on words he doesn’t understand. he is malarkey joe.

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