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Texas Youth Summit in Conroe, TX (8/27/2021)

Texas Youth Summit
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Texas Youth Summit

SPEAKERS Donald Trump, JR, Senator Ted Cruz, Representative Louie Gohmert and Kayleigh Mcenany .  Candace Owens was also scheduled to make an appearance but cancelled due to a sudden illness.  Get well soon, Candace!

Americans everywhere can understand by now that they have been lied to by Malarkey Joe Biden about one thing or the other.  As a refresher, during his term in office, President Donald J. Trump confronted conspiracy theories of every flavor, and then after his first term he faced the unprovable and false allegations of organizing “an insurrection”.  Everything Anti-Trump that Hillary Rodham Clinton has said has been proven wrong.  Right now the main-stream-media is functioning as “the Democrat’s Marketing Department”, in the words of Donald Trump, JR.  Don JR, you are correct about that.  The obstacles to a successful Presidency are massive and someone like Joe Biden is not up to the challenges that come with the office he has inherited/stolen/stumbled into.  As a consequence of Fraud, Joe Biden is in an office that he cannot handle.  He is making decisions that are not anywhere near the appropriate decisions.  The media has tried for news-cycle after news-cycle to make pro-Biden photo-ops possible, but what they got was Joe’s favorite types of Ice Cream flavors.  Twitter intel suggests that the Taliban (who are still allowed to tweet, but 45 is not) likes to post ice-cream-cone pictures as well.  Their propaganda decisions are possible through the App Store.  The difference is, unlike a MAGA supporter, terrorist organizations like the Taliban can voice their choice of messages without facing censorship of any detectable kind.  Can I discern the Anti-Taliban efforts being made by Jack Dorsey at Twitter? No.  Can I detect and discern those that they level against supporters of President Donald J. Trump?  You bet.

The consensus at the Texas Youth Summit was that America needs President Trump back.  Think of the force of a belief in “I alone can fix it”.  Enough Americans are starting to decide to voice their opinion (strongly, in some cases) on this, that any idea to the contrary (that Biden is competent as Commander in Chief) or even worse that the Bidens are corrupt in their domestic and foreign affairs that the polls are looking more in line with a PRO-TRUMP reality by the day.   How is Malarkey Joe going to keep Americans safe?  He is taking away guns of Americans on one hand and giving the Taliban the 

In watching the Washington Journal show on C-SPAN in the mornings I notice that the public opinions voiced by callers are issuing a warning ⚠ about what is next.  The automatic reactions of some Americans to badly clipped sound bytes is to oppose the GOP and never reconsider that political move.  They pick the party they THINK is more accepting, and they turn their backs on the other half, for both valid and invalid reasons, and live on earth as a Free American with their rights intact to support the candidates they want.  However, what is the real situation as far as facts are concerned — inflammatory remarks to the side?


Chris Hanrahan

Founder of ESP Tribe and Creator of MOC On-Demand

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