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Veterans Day


Veterans: Thank you for your service

I am proud to be an American where Patriots are now in control.

The US Military is made up of those who understand the cost of freedom more than anyone else in our society. Veterans Day 2019 is a holiday which finds the highest ranking Military Officer in the Country under impeachment at the present time. This Wednesday (and then Friday) there will be additional clarity brought to the table as to the reasons they want to impeach the President. I have reasons why I think Biden could and should have been impeached and I think they will become clear through a process of them trying to attempt to impeach President Trump. The public has a version of events it has been fed by the media at the present time.

There are some who understand the dynamics of social discourse around questions of opinion and information (i.e. should President Trump be Impeached?) and the polls show their worthlessness as clear as glass! Now we wait to see what this upcoming 357 earth-spins brings. This as candidates meander around the whole United States trying to convince the rest of us that they “should be in the race”. There’s room for late entrants, as we’re seeing with Michael Bloomberg’s LATE ENTRANCE mixing up the pot even more. Late entrants throw a new set of possibiities for our Country into the mix. He should run with Schultz. And Joe Biden has to allow it. Those polls that brought Biden to the top of the ticket with 1 year to go, were all (I believe) a rigged set of numbers. It’s called pre-planning! Ever heard of it? Well the polls will take on new meaning (or no meaning) before the election. It’s about issue framing. Many polls I see now are decent but not great.

One thing worth noting is the propensity of parties everywhere to not only delve into the collusion and conspiracy conversation head-on but to potentially be a part of one of their very own endeavors in this respect. Will the common thread (the most notable of common weak links in the system) be used against us in 2020? Will it be on something that isn’t defensible within the current form of law? Domestic and foreign interferers, appraisers, commenters, dissenters, conspiracy theorists, truthers, academics, scrutineers and analysts all agree, it would really change things if every American had a 2020 Election Voter ID.

Another note is that the public doesn’t know, shouldn’t know, and wouldn’t know just how many APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) there really are which target the United States. Often they even collude with domestic actors, and in cases such as we saw brought against New Jersey’s Aventura Technologies last Friday, the waters look plenty muddy now https://www.mocondemand.com/gsa-major-charges-filed-against-long-islands-aventura-technologies-today/ .

Thank you for being a part of the MOC On-Demand Experiment

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