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Already out of The Race: Jay Inslee 2020


By: Chris Hanrahan

And with that, the sleepy failed and depleted Governor from Washington State, Jay Inslee is OUT of the race to be President!  I speculate that Joe Biden made the decision on behalf of the party, after fundraising numbers that I just had heard Jay boasting about. I wonder what happened. Why no path to victory, Jay? And now there is a consensus among the Joe Biden camp that Jay Inslee would be better served if the DNC (not Jay) got to spend the money instead.  So that’s what the DNC will do now.  But to be the most sure they can be during the process of getting to November 3, 2020, the DNC will need to use this as one of the public fulcrums of  “can anyone beat Joe” instead of some type of re-run of November 6, 2016 when Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton’s hot air balloon didn’t quite make it over the finish line during the 2016 primary election.  Now just watch what happens next. Joe Biden is protecting the flame of the era of corruption represented by the DNC in its current form. And it’s burning!

Jay Inslee and others have dropped out of the race, so what happens to the money that he hasn’t already spent in his run for President of the United States now?  Or has Jay’s campaign already spent it all?  Does it just go into a big DNC pot of money for later spending to #beattrump?  Hmm.  Maybe the truth is, a mix of both.  Are politicians who reach for higher office disqualified in any sense of the word, from their previous roles?  Jay Inslee truly is the Governor that only 1/100 of Washingtonians want any more.  Furthermore there is something wrong with his head if he thinks Washington State is the most climate-forward state in the union.  Sure there are things like dams and nuclear plants in The Evergreen State.  But look at where the policies (such as the Great Seattle Straw Ban of 2019) have gotten us this far.

As politicians go, it says a lot that Jay Inslee was able to get elbowed out by Biden and his tactics at this stage in the game.  What a shame!  On the debate stage, Sleepy Jay Inslee would have been hilarious to watch – a worldwide event like no other, if he ever had managed to get on the debate stage against Trump.  Each possible opponent to Trump will be in the running, until they are not.  The whole world already knows that late entrants to the field will be able to share ample space on the radical left podia with Sleepy Joe Biden himself.

“Can anyone beat Joe Biden?”

“Can anyone beat Joe Biden” sounds like an academic question at first pass. This legitimately concerning question which is only bolstered by the lofty claims of the #fakenews polls will need a strong sentiment testing force and it is essential that the public plays a central role in the way that polling happens. There are no shortage of followup questions to be asked to the candidate who manages to get a quorum on the hook believing that they can #BeatJoeBiden and the public’s attention span is at an all-time low. The resulting surge in public debate (and public disinformation) will likely involve (if unreconciled with the US Constitution in 2020, before the race ends [online freedoms, anybody? When they go 1984 we go 2020!]). Or is the saying “When we go 1984 we go 1776” instead? Where we go one we go all.

We as a Country need a serious #internetbillofrights which ensures the vision of our Founding Fathers is upheld and lived by all companies operating in verticals such as Social Media, Search, and other pre-2020 internet business concepts such as these. The case is circulating against the ways and means of DNC fundraising. Foreign Influence is all over Washington’s Governor and it would have had no place in the White House, where the Greatest President in US History, #stablegenius Donald John Trump is currently doing a great job cleaning up the mess left by Barack Obama.