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The Wide Dispersion of Political Debate

Reconsider the role you’re having in the debate of politics.  Reconsider how you are allowing your politics to be informed.  Americans will have the chance to vote, and it is important that all Americans are given voting rights.  Both sides want this, and by 2020 if we do not achieve this, both sides will have failed to meet their stated goal.  No matter the party, these candidates all want you to vote for them.  Many are suggesting that a Federal ID framework is part of the answer.

So the question becomes, which candidates have it figured out?  Many saw the heft of the Democrat Blue Wave ground game and predicted that members like AOC would be elected.  And we see how that has already changed the discussion.  Alexandria’s Green New Deal is going to the floor of the Senate for debate.  That’s good pace for a first year Junior Member.  That’s Nancy Pelosi’s Speakership at work.  Once the Senate and the House all vote, we will have a record forever, of what the whole body of Congress thinks should happen with the Green New Deal.  For anyone wanting to create their own vision/platform for the 2020 Presidential Race, it will now be important that they say whether they are for-or-against the Green New Deal.

Predictions about who is about to step into the spotlight next are futile.  It’s a matter of timing.  Bezos first has a reveal-all, a divorce pending (ouch), and to make matters even worse – has recently had to pull out of his plans to build HQ2 in Amazon.

Trump wants to use unallocated military funds to build a wall.  He is hearing advice from some US Military Generals who are saying that it’s more important to build the wall than upgrade a military base overseas.

We do want housing programs in the military to improve.  There was a story about the state of military housing and it didn’t make the spending look very accountable to me.

Reconsider: The 2-Party System

The bizarre nature of the failing ACA will create an eventual backdrop for the cost-and-care transparency models that we need in Healthcare.  Right now it depends who your doctor is, a look at how single-payer systems operate differently than others, and a look into the observed patterns in policies are bought and sold on the market.  It was one of Donald Trump’s campaign promises that if he got elected, he would repeal & replace the Affordable Care Act.

There is not a clear bill to replace the healthcare law, which touts its inclusivity of pre-existing conditions.  But in reviewing any set of medical records, from an insurance standpoint, it is possible to see how a certain degree of fiction was always built into the way the ACA got implemented into law.  Funding, fees, high risk pools, and factors around clinical compliance are all very important.  Not to mention prescription drugs as an industry as a whole.  The pre-2020 situation will be in stark contrast to what is to follow in a Trump second term.

Enter Howard Schultz.  Here’s a man who has his own rags-to-riches story and who has achieved the brand recognition in much of the world.  China is one of the possible conflicts of interest that Howard currently has.  In China, his company has pioneered the way healthcare is offered to employees and their family.  In China, Starbucks was the first US company to offer such a grade of health insurance.  Howard Schultz is bringing his ideas about healthcare to the table as well.

Political Demands & Political Capital

Will Trump supporters go berserk if they don’t get what they were promised by Trump’s 2016 campaign? Will the Democrats implode when they see that Howard Schultz is going to run for office?  Many ideas have been floated in the past for how to make elections for President more fair. Especially with the upcoming 2020 election, we hear the popular and unpopular ideas of many becoming the topic of conversation.  And everyone’s political calculations are up for misinterpretation.  That’s the way it will be for all candidates going forward.

Stack-Ranked Voting

One of the ways elections are changing is the introduction of a first-second-third choice vote, as opposed to voting for one candidate.  

Watch this episode (this is part 2) of the Black Friday episode of CSPAN’s Washington Journal.  Chris from Washington even calls in during this episode, which you might notice if you’re watching from beginning to end.


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