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A consequential countdown is now in effect, to February 15th 2019.

The deal has been signed, and the government has re-started/re-opened until February 15th.  Trump said he took part in enough “spirited debate” during the 35 day shutdown to know that there is a solution in reach.

Trump and the 17 members who will do the negotiating, will be the ones who decide the outcome.  The media’s coverage (that trump caved) is not as much a line of surrender as it is a coordinated gust of wind, in the midst of the single largest cold front (from our North Pole) that is currently headed to effect 200,000,000 Americans.  

God Bless America.  We don’t yet know whether this is strategy unfolding or a blunder, as the media would have you believe.  Some have said he has been un-Trumpian lately, stating that there is defeat in his newfound consideration of hearing all arguments, I think this is his way of assuring victory and building the US-MX wall.  

We don’t know yet if it’s going to be a shutdown reboot ending in a Declaration of National Emergency, or whether the negotiated outcome will be $5.7 Billion for the wall and a continued 116th Congress.  If there is indeed another shutdown, and a national emergency on February 15th, common sense dictates that there will be further change ahead for all Americans and illegal immigrants alike.  Either way, there is a press on this issue that never before has been, and change is happening either way.

The Democrats have their talking points.  “I thought you promised that Mexico would be the one paying for the wall?”, or “The wall hasn’t happened in the first 2 years of Trump”.  There’s a rule in the Congress that Members are not allowed to conduct caricatures of the president.  When they do this, the rules say that they are out of order.  The Democrats lately have not been abiding by the rule of law in this area.  In fact, many of the news stories you hear have equally explosive counterparts, in all stages of investigation and impeachment.  Treason and sedition, evil acts.  Some say that Trump is guilty of one thing or another.  There hasn’t yet been any proof of any of these things.  To help the audience understand what is really happening, it’s important that free-thinkers speak up and use their rights, right now.  It isn’t enough that we have a 2020 campaign to grapple with ahead.  Generalities which attempt to smear and deplore the other side, won’t have the longevity needed to take President Trump out of politics.  There are some severely misunderstood parts about who Donald Trump is.  

My voice and by belief is this: Trump Saved America.

Trump supporters are being labeled as stooges and their votes are being undermined by domestic interference.  Which I might add, has a probable foreign counterpart that nobody chooses to talk about.  I’m looking at you, Awan, HRC, and BO.  If justice is what this Country is to have, let the raids begin.



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