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My name is Christopher Hanrahan, and I’m an Early Trump Supporter from Washington State.  Welcome to MOC On-Demand.

Should there be the ability for all users to write and share a Bio?  What would you write if you had the ability to make a profile?  Not every user who registers will be allowed those rights.  What needs to happen before a new user can be added to the site?  A willingness to identify as a constituent and engage with their Member of Congress directly?  Maybe, but not necessarily.  Not every user wants to do that.  Not every person in America wants to approach the idea of Social Media + Politics in the same way.  And I understand that.

I have found many scared Americans who are unwilling or unable to share their political views under their own name.  I am not that type of person!  To those people, no matter what their views, I say, “I am your voice”.  This reality is truer for some than others.  That’s life.

I have been working on a project called MOC On-Demand, which will be another CongressAnon project.  You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@CONGRESSANON).

MOC On-Demand will incorporate different uses, meant to bring users a new type of post – A Potato Post.

When making a post on the Potato Network (On MOC On-Demand as a Badged (Verified) Constituent or as a Member of Congress), there are two things to remember:

Small Potatoes dissipate and go away after a while.

Big Potatoes gain (or earn) visibility by topping the charts vs. other Potato Posts on the same topic(s). The users who visit your Potato Posts will be able to judge as a big or Small Potato and we will use those inputs (and others) to adjust the size of each Potato Post over time.

To make a Big Potato Post, exposure is “bought” by transferring Popcorn Credits to each post. This starts the process of popularizing your post. Unpopularity is okay too – as long as Big Potato Topics are part of the post it has a chance of remaining an Unpopular Big Potato on the Potato Network. Any questions?

In doing so, you’re inviting users to visit your post and categorize it as either a Big Potato or Small Potato. This exposure will scale based on role and the presence of a larger or smaller conversation on certain topics at times. Each State will have its own crop of Big Potatoes at different points in time and we will report on that on MOC On-Demand.

As of this time User Access is Limited. This means you will be seeing changes in the UI as functionality is added.