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September 17, 2019

By: Chris Hanrahan


Today Jerry Nadler and the Judiciary Committee made a spectacle with Corey Lewandowski as the star witness in the Trump Impeachment Proceedings.  The series of rants by the Democrats plus the moments of sheer popcorn popping, were only matched by the truths exposed during the hearing. Members remarked during the hearing that we were in sports season and Fall TV season, and correctly suggested that the American People were more interested in that programming than the  spectacle of the US Congress.

To any third party serious about knowing how Trump got elected in 2016, the testimony offered by Corey Lewandowski today (nearly 6 hours worth) was a waste of time – for all concerned.  There weren’t any well-prepared Democrats, and in the end there was a frustrating scenario for the Republicans, when they were not allowed to use their final 30-minute questioning period how they would like.  Instead, Chairman Jerry Nadler told the Republican ranking-member that his only option for cross-examining the witness would be for a non-member (a staffer, or an intern) to do the questioning.  There were duly elected Representatives (Congresspeople elected to the House of Representatives) who would have gladly cross-examined Corey Lewandowski but the hearing ended after the Democrats exhausted their last 30-minute period of questioning.

Corey Lewandowski is running for Senate – and represents a threat to the Deep State which only aspires to use him to the extent they can control him.  As he aptly pointed out during his testimony, he doesn’t feel obligated to tell the truth to the Media anyways.  Only Congress.  And that’s how it should be.

Visit Corey’s new website to learn more standwithcorey.com/

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