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Introducing Potato Debate

In all areas and topics of political debate, some technologies such as The Big 3 (Facebook, Google, Twitter) are capable of introducing extensive overmatch and they have all the stealth-like censorship capabilities already in place.  Even the stuff you think they’re not doing — guess what, that’s what they’re up to.

Through social inferencing and the creation of grey-lists, they monitor and control what is shared, spoken about, and who has visibility over what comments/links get exposure and which do not.  A celebrity endorsement is a dead giveaway that there is endorsement but what about discourse among those who appear to be nothing more than avg. Joes?  That’s what we’re interested in here.

Enjoy the show!


  1. State pages (50 states plus US territories)
  2. Representative profiles
  3. Other politicians
  4. Sign up (Account)
  5. For an introduction, listen to the audio article [MAP] at http://www.mocondemand.com/map
  6. Political commentary
  7. Midterm results coverage/analysis

Presidential Election Coverage:

  1. 2020 political candidate profiles
  1. Coverage of the 2020 Presidential Election

Other features will include:

  • >> Enter your Zip Code, focused User Experience
    • Constituent subscriptions
  • [Find your Representatives]
    • Follow any representative for MOC On-Demand updates
  • Subscribe for updates (Twitter Updates, RSS Updates, Voting Records, News Interviews, Remarks on Record, Photos, Video Coverage)

User voice features will include:

  1. Create a topic of debate
  2. Comment your views on a topic of debate
  3. Create and share slides (for external sharing)
  4. Generate a topic-based links based on shared content


Topics of News will incorporate:

  • SCOTUS cases
    • Calendar
    • Documentation
    • Analysis
  • Congress (House + Senate)
    • Committees
    • Caucuses
    • Highlights
    • Lowlights
  • President Trump / VP
    • Announcements
    • Speeches
    • Highlights
  • Local Interest Stories
    • By State
    • Trending
  • Affiliate Content (TBA)
  • Technology trends
    • Summaries
    • Detailed Analysis
  • Hearing Summaries
    • High-Level
    • Video Archive
  • New/Existing Laws/Bills
    • Full Text/PDF
    • Summaries + Schedule
  • National Security
    • Opposing Viewpoints
    • Facts / Metrics
    • Trends
  • US Economy
    • Trends
    • Metrics
    • Commentary
  • Trends and Indicators
  • Comparative view analysis

State of the Union (SOTU)

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